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Well, well... So the OWS-movement has taken a page from the ImproveEverywhere-book. Good! With authorities closing Zucotti Park and so on, what else can OWS do? The next step, I think, will that they (= OWS) put on masks, but not necessarily 'Guy Fawkes'. Say that officers observe Pulcinella (mr. Punch) breaking a window. How are they to arrest Pulcinella if they observe, similarly, a 100 identical looking Pulcinella's, or more? The Pulcinella's could be running or skating all over the place, simply having fun. Police will always come out bad... That's SystemDisruption for you!
Thank you for this wonderful piece! Perhaps it is also a systems/culture clash. On one side you have the system that is best described by "moving, interlocking parts" and that is tailor-made for the state as a pyramid, with a king (or whatever) & a clique of courtiers on top, and below political impotent masses. On the other side there is the system/culture that has "copy & paste" built in. I don't mean that in a negative way, to me copy&paste is the superior system (also the younger). Governments in the West are as unprepared for that, as they are in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.
It IS successfully applied in Western countries. See this post from 2006: "..the guerrillas aren't loyal to a single group but rather dozens of different groups, each with their own motivations for fighting." Substitute "politicians" for "guerrillas" and you are close to a description of present political parties. Left, especially, is at present anything leftist (or used to be).
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Jan 26, 2011