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That's really wonderful news about Toby. my younger brother (only by a year) has severe autism, but it took a lot to get the help we really needed, a lot more than it should have, and I can imagine the weight you must have been feeling as a parent as I saw it a lot in my mum only a few years ago. Have a wonderful Christmas :) jenny xxxx
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congratulations on 10 years of blogging, wowwee you've given me a great benchmark to reach for! And great to hear the finger is better - nothing worse than not being able to knit I say! Thank you for hosting the give away too, I have my fingers crossed on winning an adorable knitted critter :) I'm knitting a scarf for my brother and crocheting another, and a blanket, for a friend. Its coming up to that time of year! :) jenny xxxxxx
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these are gorgeous! going straight into my Ravelry queue - you make such beautiful designs do do do please keep it up :D jenny xx
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wonderful - i bet you can't wait for fresh eggs, sounds marvellous. the pictures of the hens are lovely, I really love them all standing in a row pecking at the fence :) hehe turn round ladies! jenny xx
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that blanket is beautiful, and so pleasing to look at! you should be very proud of it :) i think a soft, pale grey would work wonderfully in the room - nice and calm, but not too dark for when the weather is grey and the days short, and easy to brighten up a bit with some accessories :) jenny xx
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I really feel very comforted when I read your blog and I really enjoy the thoughts you share on day to day life with your family as well as your knitting. My younger brother has autism, and he was never very keen on his P.E.Cs, but I do remember food being a helpful tool so you have found as well:) he is 23 now and living away from home, being too big to live with us now. My mum would have loved your insights and I read your posts always thinking of her and how she would comment on the things you write (my brother also has the callus' on his hands for example). So I hope you take it as a compliment when I say I'm comforted to read your blog, and I hope you and everyone at your home are doing well! Your knitting is also beautiful (I won't tell anyone about knitting from unravelling - I do it all the time! shh) and I'm excited to see how it turns out :) forgive my rambly comment! I think I will have to buy a Twister lolly later myself (green all the way!) jenny xx
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