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I just stumbled across your post, thank you for sharing it. I'm a journalist for a small daily paper which has been hacked at the seams and is being held together with well placed safety pins and a dedicated, but tired, crew. Being one of the few working every day to get that paper out - with limited resources - is finally wearing me down after only three years. I know it doesn't seem like that much time but the place is very different than when I started. We're on our third editor now and the staff has been cut by more than half. I understand many other papers are experiencing similar difficulties. I realized quiet recently, that although I still love writing, the job itself has lost the fun and spark and I'm frankly worn out by the daily deadline. I didn't think it would ever happen but it did. I'm now trying to find my niche and realize that my skill set opens many more possibilities, so its more a matter of what I want to do and what I can find, or create, within my own small community. So thank you again for the reminder and helping many of us to see the forest through the trees...and excuse my long winded comment!
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Nov 26, 2010