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Adolfo Rios-Pita Giurfa
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Dear Alfred: As you have pointed out several times, there are several paths or different time lines. As in a train wave development ( "doppler effect"), whenever we "hear" a train approaching we feel the frequency increasing, then we are "hearing" the past and so on the contrary; however, any wave train can be modified in its course, interfered or even be "diffracted"in different "colors" or different lanes of happening, different octaves of vibration. We should recognize, also, that beyond these "transversal" waves, which develop along a time vector, there are "scalar" waves, which are simultaneous, which, in a sense are eternal, and as we can connect with this all pervading source, we are transcending all colors. Our own psyche creates those "waves", then let´s make it cool and soft! :-)
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Jun 12, 2013