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Simon Rippon
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Only the closest possible world is relevant? But what about this case: At T1 Abe is walking past a pond with a drowning child in it; he could jump in now and save her life, but if he does jump in, he'll in fact (in the closest possible world) realize then at T2 that the child has ginger hair, and because of Abe's dislike of ginger haired people (he's a real jerk), he'll intentionally get out of the pond and let the child drown. Moreover, he'll have wet shoes. Do you want OC to say that Abe is therefore not obligated at T1 to jump in and save the child, nor even to take the first step, of jumping in? (Suppose that Abe can make no resolution or intention at T1 to save the child that is immune from being second-guessed by his choice at T2. But he can at T1 secure his jumping in, and if he does jump in, Abe will be able to secure either saving the child or not doing so at T2. It's just that he'll in fact choose not save her.) Doesn't this view make our obligations too easy to escape?
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May 12, 2010