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Since political etc. reporting from the BBC has been fiction for a long time, I do not expect them to change their spots on any other programs. When I see "BBC" I expect Lies.
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2011 on Frozen con at Mail Online - Melanie Phillips
Gerhard Henderson is one of the ever diminishing courageous voices who dare going against the fashionable effluent. They have kneecapped, for example, Andrew Bolt, another courageous voice in a kind of 100 against one "fight" and silenced him with the help of politically motivated judge, as they have bullied nearly all of the others who dared speaking up into submission or silence. We have one of the most virulent anti-semites in the Green Party who hold the balance of power and who really are stuffing Australia up completely, since the minority government is utterly beholden and servile to them. They are ordering, as we speak, Macarthy-like investigations into the work of every conservative journalist that is still left standing, so it's no wonder that we have a media who is to 90 percent dhimmi at best ! Australia is sooooooo behaving like the big numbers of whales that from time to time seem to beach themselves (what's the word for Whale Mass Suicide?) and I despair of its future.
BRAVO Pat Condell, and thank you Pamela for posting it! What a MAN !!!
I think that "Savage" is too generous to describe these vermin!
Turkey should apologise to Israel. And so should quite a few others....
How far down into the dirt has NORMAL freedom slittered when it is astonishing news that a Western Gopvernment does not side with the murderous and uninvited invaders against one of their own, and on of the best of their own!
"...In exchange for doing the bidding of the most anti-Israel president in the history of the United States, these suckers hope to gain what, exactly?... They are feeding the crocodile in the hope it will eat them last.
Dear Pamela, a few Australian Dollars are on their way right now for your Freedom from Jihad Flotilla. You are one courageous Woman, and a creative one at that! Thank you for not giving up!!!!
Goebbels would be sooooo proud of them, perhaps even jealous!
"When do the Islamic supremacists go on trial for inciting hatred against non-Muslims?" That is the key question and should not remain rethorical! Geert Wilders!! Bravo! Now you should sue the pants off them for : defamation, stress and anguish, loss of income, etc. etc. etc. Go get 'em!!!
the precedent created here will absolutely encourage this. The Politicians and Judiciary are absolutely accomplices to the murderous intentions of Muslims/Islamists, we see that again and again - in the US as in Australia.
tsk tsk tsk ...but: GOOD IDEA! ;)
Muslims seem to contaminate/infiltrat EVERYTHING, and consequently, the world is becoming increasingly ugly and dangerous. But who the hell lets the vampires run the bloodbank??
Why do we not see that in the main media?
I am getting physically sick at the now globally all pervading sight of Arabs (aka "Palesteeeenians") and assorted islamist invasive weeds. But what is the picture above titled "Naturei Karta", with the seemingly orthodox Jews: are they carrying "palestinian" flags?
"Is this social justice or poetic justice?" "Poetic" justice, Muslim style!
*stands next to Glenn Beck*!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on Glenn Beck: "I Stand with Israel" at Atlas Shrugs
Too little too late from Facebook for me to stop feeling contempt for the cowardly "submitting" to despicable islamists, just to have their patronage. So the muslims threatened to withdraw from Facebook? Well, good! Encourage them! Cyberworld (at least the civilised one) will be a better place for it!
Sorry, Pam, couldn't listen to this chicken pen - they would have to be the most irritating gaggle of strident broads, screeching over each other, all at the same time - they even run this chatter-fest on Australian TV (in a very low rating time slot), but just cannot watch it: Irritation factor: 1000 on the Richter scale. But got the message despite these noise-polluters, and I agree, Obama should show his birth certificate - he should also be personally offended to be treated with this soft racism of low expectations!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2011 on Your Papers, please, Mr. President at Atlas Shrugs
Zuckerberg is obviously the kind of people Winston Churchill was having in mind when saying this: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last" Could he not be legally sued for incitement to murder - it's not as if the Jewish people had no dead bodies to prove the case!
Yes, someone REALLY SHOULD DO IT !!!! As to that slap in the face of all that is decent being built: IT SHOULD NOT BE GOING AHEAD! I live in Australia so I cannot get to Pamela's and Robert Spencer's courageous initiatives, but my heart is really with them all the way. We are all in this together, and if we think the gallopping GLOBAL islamisation will be stopped by mealy mouthed platitudes of "tolerance" and "opening our doors, minds and hearts" we deserve to be swallowed up by this nasty hydra. hmmmpffff.
Why doesn't someone open a Gay Bar next to the Terrorists' Victory Mosque? And a delicatessen that specialised in porc products, and a strip club, and a bikini shop, and a topless swimming pool for nudists...and...and...and.... As t the gay lobby, those who excluded Jewish Gays to march in some protest march recently seem to hate Sharia less than they hate Jews. Reminds me of Golda Meir's wise words: "There will only be peace when "they" love their children more than they hate us".
Hi Pamela, Not being home at the moment, I cannot access all the links so I dont know what your definition of "Asians" is, but I am sure mine is closer to yours than to the malignant "definition" of the apologists for Islam. As someone above said, Islam is not a race. Calling these nasties "Asians" might be done by ignorance, but as the Jewish-Anerican talk-show host Barry Farber was recently quoted as saying: "... When the consequences of incompetence (ignorance,cowardice et al) become indistinguishable from the consequences of malice, it is wiser and safer to assume malice..."
Brilliant idea:From sitting ducks to roaring eagles, what a metamorphosis !
PS: Those muslim Arabs have now been joined (for a while already) by black muslims from sub-saharan Africa.