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Somewhere in the Heart of it all
I'm a Nerd.... Deal with it ^_^
Interests: animals, tv, computers, stargate, atlantis, eureka, sg-1, warehouse 13,
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To me being a geek/nerd means being passionate about something that makes you happy. Be it computers, TV, movies, or something that seems very un-nerd in the 'common' since. I'm an all around Nerd/Geek (I also use them interchangeably) I love learning about how things work, my husband said he'd kill me if i took apart another appliance and couldn't put it back together. (Mechanical Nerd) If you watch TV with me I can almost always tie something back to a show I love (SG1, SGA, BTVS, Dr Who, Torchwood, ect...) and I can quote said TV Shows at a drop of a hat. My sister and I have had conversations in TV quotes.(TV nerd) I can't do math or remember history but I remember every lyric of every Beatles or Monkees song and I can tell you what song it is by the first 4 sec of the song. (Music Nerd) Last Sunday me and my sister drove to Cincinnati, Ohio for a softball tournament that our team was in (even though we didn't play we wanted to support our team) It had teams all around from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ontario,Canada. As our team talked to a team from Toronto we where introduced as the two 'Canadian groupies' so I also Geek out over everything Canadian (I can't help it that almost ALL my favorite actors/actresses are Canadian and that almost ALL my favorite TV shows are filmed in Canada.) So I Geek out over everything and anything that makes me happy, and I enjoy talking to people who also geek out over things. Learning about the things that make others happy. And that's one reason I joined, because not only did I want to support my favorite actor I wanted to find people as nerdy as me. :D
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