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Rivky Mitzvah
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Mar 1, 2016
bs'd Hi :) The book looks wonderful. Any possibility of getting it here in Israel? Just one odd question for you. Friday is my favorite day of the week. I know that I am putting all worldly concerns behind me and having a blessed 25 hours with G-d, my children, grandchildren & great food :) Why would you have Friday Night Blues, girl? You are part of the family. There is much I would recommend in the Billie Holiday songbook, such as G-d Bless The Child, but if I am looking for Friday songs: Have a great Shabbos, world & may we all be in Yerushalayim tomorrow night.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
bs'd Sorry. I am a pretty sensitive person to anti-Jewish rhetoric, but I don't find the joke to be so. It may have been out of place or inappropriate, but let's not get so touchy that we cannot tell the difference between hate speech & humor. This man may well be an Obama flunky & a Jew hater, but it is not apparent from this joke. Obama has done enough REAL harm. Let's not become the way Statist groups are & be humorless drones ready to pounce on everything. If we become the "constant victim", it diminishes the vileness of real anti-Jewish speech & actions. If my Zayde Z'tzal or yours told that joke, you know you would laugh. Let's save the indignation for real acts of evil. Kol HaKavod on the turnout. I sat in Yerushalayim waiting for reports & this made my heart soar.
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Nov 26, 2009