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Dante, Thank you for the information. You can also take it a step further by not creating a single text field but a lookup field to the latest event. This way you can manualy add more information fields in the template that are relevant to the event like dates, additional information, description etc. This will look something like; contact.new_eventid.cdi_startdate. Also please note that when you have two events going on at the same time or you sign on for two events at the same time, this can be an issue as delays will cause for some information not be updated in time so customers can receive the same email twice with the same event information. To solve this it would be terrifec if you could send e-mails from other entities than contact, lead and account and select/enter the field in the e-mail send process where the contact/lead is registred.
Good article and a common case in most ClickDimensions implementations we encounter. One question though, did you ever have the problem that the data in the email is incomplete becasue you directly clear the lookup field? We did a simular trick where we copied the data to the contact card, have the workflow send the email and than clear the fields but this was to quick. So we build a fail save with a workflow that clears the field after we have an e-mail sent record for the contact with a certain template.
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May 9, 2014