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What if you have a title that ends in an exclamation point, but then a format right after. For example, Sykes, J. (2012, March 4). Hello Mrs. Sykes! [Blog post] Retrieved from WOuld you put the ! after the [Blog post]?
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I am unable to find anywhere, how to cite a published radio interview IN-TEXT. The interview is available from a broadcasting website (CBC). I have the correct APA citation for the reference list, however, no where does it say what information to include in text. Would it be the author's (interviewee) last name, year? Or author's first initial last name, then month day year? What information is included in a published interview in-text? This is not a personal communication. I have checked the manual, other sites, and I am unable to find anything that does not relate to a personal communication. Thanks!
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Mar 18, 2015