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I have never even tried Hulu. Whats the big deal ? At least with netflix, I dont have to watch commercials.
No problem reaching the site but my queue seems to be braindead/delayed in removing returned discs and showing the new one as shipped.
I am lucky in that I dont pay for cable. I tried to...when I moved in many years ago. The cable company told me the house I bought didnt exist when I tried to have it turned on. I asked them to figure it out and call me back. Im still waiting. As luck would have it, basic cable was already on in my house so I didnt bother having to call & ask them again. All that being said, I watch TV, all TV less than 10 hours a month. So I would have to think long & hard about if $25-35 per month would be worth it to me. Netflix/Roku is clearly a better value but for me, its not about one or the other. Those that have no intention of cutting the cord would probably value netflix less. I still think Netflix is going to dramatically increase its price in the next few years knowing that they will get a good number of cancellations but figuring they will profit more from the higher price.
1 roku 1 desktop
Wonder if this has anything to do with the outage where I had to try and register a half dozen times using new passwords until I gave up ? I just use my Roku. And I have my desktop although I don't watch from it anymore.
This happens to me REPEATEDLY and it bugs the heck out of me !
I had the problem repeatedly last night with my roku .Wouldnt accept my new codes & phone support was a prerecorded message "we are busy, call later". Also couldnt get crackle to work. Could use inmoo last night. Tonight, it let me log on again and Im good to go.