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Im glad these shows are on streaming. Almost finished with Revenge and I like it. 4-4.5 Stars. I watch ZERO television on television. Ive never done "hulu". I like watching stuff via streaming. Even network stuff. Now, the NF DVD business is in the crapper. VERY LONG WAITS for pretty much everything I want to watch. They are pretty much FORCING me to cancel DVDs. Oh and last week they sent me disc 2 of something when it was like 17th in my queue and they hadnt send #1 which was at #5 or something.
Looks like streaming is back for me. At least on the pc. About 19 hours without.
Unkown User #4, i did your stuff, but it didnt fix the problem. All the titles are still unavilable when using the hacking netflix link. (But not if I use my own link)
I still get the shipping time emails. No change there.
wow, coolerwatcher, I hadnt read all those responses. I dont think NF owes anyone a "working wage" and certainly not $13-19 an hour + benefits. Would be interesting to know how much all this customer service a % of sales. I mean, there service has almost always been great but if they are spending like druken sailors, its probably not worth it. And Nialla, I think thats exactly it, they HAVE copies of the titles we want, they just dont have them locally and are hoping we forget about them and watch something else. But, like I said, after a few weeks of this with one title, they finally DID send it as an extra and it took 2 days to get here. I think its clear they are carrying far fewer copies of titles in all centers. I guess I get it, for $8 a month, what can we expect ? But, Im far more likely to either go without DVDs or only go with them for part of the month at a pro-rated cost. And of course, occasionally some of the ones do end up streaming so I can watch them there. (Wish they gave dates they are coming to streaming so we could manage accordingly) Ive NEVER had a rep with any kind of foreign accent so they were all easy to communicate with. But, NF is a business with shareholders. Thats where their loyalty should be, They dont "owe" unskilled workers a high wage. And sorry, even a competent call center worker is not a highly skilled & educated non-replaceable employee. Most seem very young but usually willing to help with good attitudes.
I think throttling with the better titles is certainly going on but at least they send SOMETHING. Years ago, they just pretended not to have gotten the returned disc back. And another issue I have observed...when you call in....IF you are a DVD customer, they say "hold on" & switch you over to a different rep. So it strongly suggests that they have separated their customer service reps for dvd & streaming. Makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen for having both. And it doesnt matter what the issue is. They COULD handle it but wont. I think the divisions are separated for all practical purposes....all the way down to customer service. They still want to junk the DVD by mail service. Just give them another 9-15 months. They will sell it to someone else. Thats my guess. If I were to get an extra day delay as some are getting, I would almost certainly cancel the DVDs because the service is worth FAR less if you can get fewer DVDs. Thats for WHATEVER reason. Ideally, Id like to see all new releases go to streaming maybe 2-4 weeks after DVDs. If that happened, I would go streaming only. But I think that is years away. If ever.
not with the post office. Having a problem with the top 6-7 in my que showing available but they continually go around them and ship stuff farther down on my list. One showed available and stayed at the top of my queue for about 3 weeks and they finally sent it from a farther shipping senter as an "extra".
Wait, now that I think about it, maybe I did sign up years ago with a site or two. Seems like one monitered usuage and/or cost per movie or something like that. But that was from before I really even got a roku.
I was having the reorder problem long before the price increase.
Michelle, I dont use any third party apps that I know of. I use the roku. Thats all. My phone isnt even capable.
My top 14 or so tends to get sent down to #90 or so every few months. Ive been reporting it forever. They have no fix apparently. Or just dont care. ,,
I too would like an email support funtion. It'd be cheaper for them in many cases. When I do call, they work hard to satisfy me. But they cant stop my queue from getting mixed up every few months and my top 15 or so getting stuck down at #80 or so. Id prefer to be able to drop them an email every time it happens.
thanks tom. worked for me. 1) Insert disc. 2) When disc starts playing, hit stop. 3) Hit stop again. 4) Press play.
I HATE those things. No reason not to be able to fast forward through them.
I just watched every episode of Jericho in the last 10 days...for the first time. Now Im wishing there were a couple more seasons I could watch. I guess I will try terriors next. Never watched it before either. (I dont watch TV because of commericals so lots of shows are new to me)
Interestingly, i just started watching this show a few days ago. Like it so far. Like with a lot of TV shows I never watched, its not a rerun to me.
does NFLX do fake conference calls ? I caught books a million doing them. Pretty pitiful.
I tried to sign up for a free $5 worth of amazon but I didnt get it. I complained my email. They put a $5 credit on my account which I later used to buy something else. Havent been back to amazon to even try it.
Ive never pirated anything.
Wise Ace Couldnt have said it better myself. I watch every dime and always have. Just because I am a millionaire doesnt mean I can stop doing what helped get me there. Somehow, I doubt Gran will ever build any substantial wealth with his attitude toward $8 a month (Actually $12)
When the post office slows delivery, that will be an effective price increase for those on DVDs. I havent had much of problem with throttling, probably because I watch less since I have both streaming & DVDS. I have about another 7 weeks left on a freebie subscription, NF gave them away but I bought it. My plan is to swap every other month from streaming only to 3 DVDs only. That way Im not paying for both. And it will bring my avg monthly cost down to $11.99 plus tax. The only issue with my plan is I wont be able to SEE or rearrange my queue for whichever is on hold. Thats a pain and I might just use 2 different accounts to get around that. One for DVDs and one for streaming. Having a BIG problem again with my instant queue rearranging itself. They;ve done nothing to fix it and its been going on for 6+ months now.
all depends on the pricing. x or y doesnt tell us much
I am happy with at&t mid level DSL
If & only if they can do it with no loss to the regular DVD business and if it would be profitable for them.