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Yes, I think that story gets the point across. Vividly. Good reminder for those of us "maturing" and learning how to maneuver more effectively within organizations.
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Paul—One question: What about the many poorly designed incentive programs that focus too heavily on results without proper institutional and cultural controls to influence how results were achieved? I have seen many programs that went wrong, because a goal was achieved at all costs. The sales number might get hit, but there is a wake of bodies left behind the salesperson who hit them.
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Kris-Great post. Love your focus on performance. It's where HR folks should be putting all of their energy, in order to drive business results.
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Paul- I really enjoy your posts and get smarter after reading them and the comment strings. One point you make that might get easily overlooked is the concept of "barrier management." My best managers have explained goals, sought input, assigned responsibilities, and then cleared the way for team members to do the job. If a team is really going to drive results, it needs some "cover" from their boss within the organization. If they are doing their job right and really getting creative, they will ruffle some feathers.
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That is one heck of a good comment. Awesome.
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Paul-Wish you had the answer to this tough question. We talk about this as the difference between onboarding and integration. Integrating a new employee into the organization to the point where she is an accepted, contributing member of the team is a huge challenge, especially given the diversity of teams and differences in manager skill set in this area. I like the visual of getting them to where they get to wear the long pants.
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Mar 11, 2010