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Nampa, Id.
I'm consider a Rabble Rouser by most supposed art experts
Interests: In bringing out truths, Discovering new art ideas, Buying masterful art that I like, Showing my own collection of art I've collected mostly over the last 30 some years.
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Isn't it kind of like walking in the same foot prints of an art thief, when Art experts of artist foundations knows for certain that a work of art had been done by the artist they represent? Isn't this a crime similar to the crime as thieves stealing works of art off museum wall away from public view? Let's say many original works of art today by different artists around this world are being refused to be acknowledge as being originals from known artists of these foundations. The art experts of these artists foundations refused to look at or even discuss these works of art with their owners. Their automatic"NO" is in fact their number one rule and this is without looking at these works of art. The art experts of these artists foundations also believe they have the computers under their control and right now it seems as though they do.. These very same art experts wouldn't consider releasing any news as to the possibility of a work of art that is considered by others to be by the artist that they represent. This is pretty much all ready to come to a head like one big boil. It is known by the French art police and and released to all supposed art experts around the world that about 50% of all art now in captivity are considered to be fakes by most art law enforcement experts in France. Cheers! Bob Miller--- vanrijngo
Very beautiful copies of Gustav Klimt two works of art. Two oils on canvas painted by a very accomplished copier who is now deceased. I was lucky enough to purchase these works of art which are very precise works of art and very beautiful copies of Gustav Klimt's two works... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2014 at Rabble Rousing Fool
I wonder myself how many will actually spend the time to read this important article on Vincent's sunflowers in full and fully understand what is written?
via Very important post for ones who care why Vincent like Japan art work along with a few Corot's. Continue reading
Reblogged Apr 9, 2013 at " Vincent's 1888 Sunflowers"
I have no idea what their regulations are for the MFA world and all of it supposed fine art experts and their phony ass copied works of art. Even if they are Vincent's works of art, these experts at the artist Foundations can't tell you shit,... mainly because they can't see shit, and have no idea what Vincent had really done. This is just my point of view and they stink,.. I mean think it is pretty shitty. vanrijngo
9-year-old Sharin Morningstar Keenan July 3, 1973 - Jan. 23, 1983 Toronto, ON Canada "Be home by five" was the last thing Lynda Keenan ever said to her daughter. It was just before she left to play with friends on the square. Sharin never made it home. Ten days later... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2013 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Artists really do these kind of thing, while creating their own masterpieces. So my artistic friends,... you say you want proof, what artists sometimes do,... to amused their viewers? Well then,... just have yourselves a peek at this inspired piece of junk, a drawing in graphite, that I myself had... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
As I look to the sky, in the dead of night, visualizing the sun,.. that's on the other side, wondering,... will I'll see it many more times.... As the moon and stars light up the sky, thin clouds laying over the hills. I see myself,... lying,... dying, reaching,... reaching for... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Can any of you tell me your own ideas of why Vincent van Gogh liked this painting and made such a marvelous and almost precise image of the same? This in a Vincent van Gogh with out a signature but did it really need one? Does that Japan work of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Vincent van Gogh's last work, oil on paper. A lot of spin here below, so you might just decide you want to head out of here, before you get dizzy. Too much spin for you MFA expert's? The black hole This is what the painting looks like taken outside in... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Anyone wanting to dispute this claim feel free You can do that by jumping on board with your comments below. Keep it clean, neat and tidy, for the van Gogh experts at the foundation may just want to reconcider who the artist really was who painted this portrait of this... Continue reading
Posted Sep 7, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
If they want to know who "Jack The Ripper" was, they should really read this. Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
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Aug 8, 2012
Above is my own drawing copy of one of Rembrandt's studies. I personally assumed it was of Dr. Faust. The original by Rembrandt was of a man not one would really knows much about, except what I myself reveal from my own studies. In the original work of art it's... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
OIL ON CANVAS Size: 35 7/8 x 35 7/8 Painting 37" x 37" Frame I would guess the lady that had purchased this painting more than likely from the artist himself said to him. I don't see your signature, will you sign it for me? I'd also guess he had... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
James Butler Wild Bill Hickok This 45 caliber cap and ball black powder Rifle is for sale at this present time at the Village Antiques in here in Nampa, Idaho. The back site, the buffalo, the Union emblem is all original to the weapon and is made of solid gold.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
I vanrijngo on would have like very much to discuss and debated with this 62 year old woman and her supposed knowledge as a PhD holder in education and teaching. So far I have not discussed one thing with her. No discussion before her deleting and giving me this... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Some say Breakfast in bed makes one healthy and wise, but don't ask her if they had a sexual relationship, for she would tell you how it really was. It is said they met in Paris, became good friends, and then took an interest in each others work. Here is... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Subject: What was Vincent van Gogh's first painting? Well now, I believe this started painting as you can see and that is dated "62" damn sure wasn't done in 1962. In turning this little started painting over above this painting, you can see with your own eyes what we have... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
New Van Gogh Book Claims Different Last Work, New Letter, Change of Address, and More! | In the Air: Art News & Gossip | Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
An out of sight Museum art sale Believe it or not, these two work of art were a couple of my better buys just a few short years ago in 1995. The sale was put on by (BAM) The Boise Art Museum. The museum curator and the museum members and... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
A couple of slide shows of a few of Vincent's telling painting of different happening in his short artistic carreer. An ear offering if you need an ear to hear with. Gauguin etching of a "Man With a Crow" according to the art experts. I say this etching was done... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
Simon says take two steps backwards,... I say take a long walk off a short pier. I want to see the one that really flunks attempts at brownish golden fuzz and thinking of Christmas or something. Just look at the expert's final words they have for Rembrandt and what they... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
I bought this irregular arrangement of flowers at a antiques fair and flea market just behind the Rembrandt house In Amsterdam. Now this is just for the ones who can follow instruction to possibly see Vincent smoking his pipe there in his room. When you see the Flowers in the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool
According to European police estimates, as much as half the art in circulation on the international markets may be forged. And a fair number of fakes go under the hammer in London auction rooms too, which is why Scotland Yard now has a specialist art and antiques unit. Art forgery... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2012 at Rabble Rousing Fool