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Thanks William. A perfect example of Murphy's Law. I had written the blog on the 2nd, reviewed with the team and posted on the 3rd and as a result completely missed the press announcement. I'll make updates.
Thanks Robert! Looks like progress is being made. A framework to orchestrate the entire stack is what I'm referring to. Sounds like any distribution built on 2.6.29 or later will have the foundation to build the framework for the rest of the stack. In my post, I was outlining that this is what Microsoft did with VSS in Win 2003. VSS includes the foundation plus the framework to for whole stack integration, and Microsoft (of course) integrated their own applications and within about 3 years, third party vendors began to integrate their apps. I remember talking to a number of customers that were looking for similar support in Linux back in 2006 and it just wasn't there - they opted down the Windows path just because the third party solution integration was lacking in Linux at the time to enable an orchestrated whole stack snapshot.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2009 on Linux, Where's Your VSS? at Data Center Strategies
As I mention at the bottom end of the blog, Linux has had the dm-snapshot capabilities and ability to manage snapshots and restoring from snapshots. However, it lacks any framework for application integration to signal apps to "freeze" their data for a snapshot and then to "thaw" after the snapshot has occurred. A discussion with RedHat engineers on this subject prompted this blog. We are not aware of any such frameworks for Linux in the open source. Veritas has their closed source Application Quiescence product that offers such a framework, but that's it.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2009 on Linux, Where's Your VSS? at Data Center Strategies