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I'm not a Christian. My sprituality is a private matter. But I am an American. I am a human who can discern a superior creed, philosophy, or principle... and freedom is superior to submission. There is a reckoning coming.
Hey, Hooper, why are you such a loser? Gingrich is a historian, he obviously knows that Islam and its tenets go against the principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution. And that's good for liberty loving Americans. So why don't you f*** off.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on Powerful Newt Endorsement at Atlas Shrugs
@ Isabella, I think PETA would fold... just like the femminists, and other so called "human-rights" organizations. The only ones putting up a fight are the counter-jihadists. If only PETA had a few of those in the higher echelons of its chain-of-command!
Way to lay it down, George. I agree, Fuller is man willing to stand up for the American people and the hard earned money. Clearly Allen is not. Great post.
@ wri7913 HA! Great joke!! That's the way... keep laying it on THICK, and often! Wholeheartedly agree with your post.
Anyone who subscribes to Mahoundianism is an ANIMAL.
FIGHT ON GELLER!!! WE LOVE YOU!! They want our freedoms? MOLON LABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should bring this information up at every speech you give: Cement in the listener's mind that we will not be defeated!!!!
Thanks Mike. You said it perfectly. Deport them all NOW.
True Tom, I've met plenty of them in my travels. Some of them are even distant relatives!
Makes me want to don my kilt, and grab an axe. War is the answer. I believe those hard men and women still exist, and it's only a matter of time.
Why do I have to love Pamela Geller like I do. The shared love of Ayn? The Smiths? Or is it because of our shared love of Western Civilization? Whatever it is @ 0130 on 01JAN11, I love her vigilence and motivation by the midnight oil.
I watch Allen's videos on YouTube all the time, just for inspiration. Especially the vid where he's sitting on a panel with a bunch of retired senior flag officers. A woman asks a pointed question on Islam and they all LAUGH. I didn't see a damn thing funny about her question! Allen West was the only unamused straight-talker on that panel. I'm proud of him. I only pray that he will continue, no ratchet up the intensity and frequency, of his denouncements of Islam.
I thought your post was well thought out, definitely not something I would think or know about (some Iranians having the potential of being our brothers-in-arms in the fight against jihad considering Persia's Zoroastrian roots.) Good post.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2010 on Righteous! at Atlas Shrugs
Because there are hateful creeds that say its OK to mistreat, torture and enslave other human beings.. like ISLAM.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on Righteous! at Atlas Shrugs
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