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Also do not post topics of debate on matters of nature classified as hurting feelings of some followers......You decrease the God's grace when you create a debate on its connections or creations..RS never asked you to preach but never stopped you to share your positive do it instead of generating debates on the matters of god's grace, of which you and me have been part of, where people like in some above comments create disharteaning or disturbing messages! do these conciously as if: Would God have thought good if I wrote this and unknowledgeble people commented on this worthy topic?.... Thanks Again!
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I would definitely advice pplz to stay away from this great blog if they r non-beleivers and keep practicing whatever they wish..... To the blog owner- I heartly thank you for creating such a blog but would like you to delete you old posts or comments if possible which hurt the sentiments of people and are commented by people fooling around thinking they are too much knowledgeble to read something and consider it rubbish... Thank you.
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