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alright weeks, is the new excuse for taking street pics claiming some kind of neurological disorder that hinders memory makin'? i know, i know... you can neither confirm nor deny. all good. unless you're lyin' but if it's strangers it don't hurt nobody, right? i always kid with folks that ask me what i do when people catch me making a photo when i tell them, "i throw up a peace sign and claim not to know engrish!" that is, of course, far from the truth as i had a run in with a street vendor in allentown, pa -- who, long story short, was pretty pissed off that i took a picture of him. he told me, "YOU WAIT HERE, MY SON IS ON HIS WAY!" i offered to delete the picture (and did)... his nephew interrupted and told me not to mind his uncle. that crazy old coot even tried to involve a bicycle cop. anyway. "If I ever move from L.A., I'll miss the ghetto birds. Traffic? Not so much." my sentiments exactly. now that i live in the midwest, the only noise we deal with from the skies is the occasional kc-135 tanker jet as we live >10 miles from the AFB. i do miss the infrequent ghetto bird! enjoyed the pics, esp. from so cal... looking forward to yer next post. lampano, out.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on pretend jesus pt. 1 at APhotoContributor
nice. these remind me of our trip to lower manhattan earlier in the year. you hit nearly the same vantage points on a couple of the your photos. glad to see you enjoyed your visit with your family. cheers, -rcl
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2010 on new york city: part one at APhotoContributor
Opinions abound... some good, some bad. Since the art of photography (aesthetics) is seemingly subjective, one can't help but get lost in it all. Thanks for the constructive criticism, albeit indirect. Just tryin' to satiate an itchy trigger finger! Hehe.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2010 on opinions are like... at APhotoContributor
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Aug 16, 2010