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I think this post highlights an excellent point and I agree wholeheartedly that it's a system problem. I'm astounded at the strategies (what I perceive as most) recruiters use to attract talent. Blasting generic emails and LinkedIn messages will not attract talent, because talented people tune them out. I've even had recruiters copy/paste the WRONG name into a LinkedIn message that they clearly sent out to many people. I'm not sure how the environment is in other industries, but in IT it's full-go staff augmentation. In my opinion, it's often poorly executed and usually counterproductive. Until organizations get past these meat packing industry recruiting techniques, they will continue to struggle to find talented people who also make a good cultural fit. On the flip-side, it creates opportunities for the companies who do really understand how to recruit.
Great article! You've just given me enough content to keep me perfectly unproductive for the day.
In the same respect, I would suggest that programmers who play in the marketing technology realm (WCM, social media, etc.) should start learning the marketing part. I am...
I like it. Very well organized. I'm not sure how you did it without giving yourself an aneurysm. My only suggestion would be to replace the Day Software logo in "Core Website" with Adobe. Adobe has acquired Day and the two are pretty well integrated now.
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Aug 3, 2011