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It appears Wikileaks is on the threshold of a monumental exposure of internal communications of a US bank, rumored to be the Bank of America. I suspect such a release of commercial internal operational records will generate substantially more efforts to quash Wikileaks than considerations of the risk of big data stores. It will also be another sad demonstration that national security often takes second place to markets risks. Ironically, this week the Department of Homeland Security subordinated its own national security concerns to commercial counterfeit and copyright interests by leading an unprecedented mass seizure of domain names without due process or recourse. I worry that Wikileaks will spur more support for passage of the profoundly ill-considered Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act, putting the entire internet DNS network security system at risk.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Big Data Flows vs. Wicked Leaks at Jeff Jonas
Your father was a magnificent man, Adriana. His uncommon generosity, courageous curiosity and passion for rigor, gave unique nurture to remarkable social and technology innovations that continue to bring substantial benefit to many.
Loved your thoughts on the import of elaborating reliable and hugely scalable systems for deducing trust and reliability in this pre-tsunami inundation phase of web-wide integration of real-time communities. You, and others with parallel interestes, might appreciate the work of one of the more sophisticated & experienced strategists in the web-reputation space, F. Randall Farmer. Tim O'Reily's group just published Randy's "Building Web Reputation Systems." I found the book most insightful. Randy's background includes 30+ years of managing innovative online communities and games. You may find his bolg of interest as well: At the risk of sounding like his publicist, I'm just a fan of his work, you might also be interested that Randy and his co-auther are presenting "Designing Reputation Systems" at this year's Web2.0 Expo on May 4.
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Apr 6, 2010