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You can get all three in Wisconsin; cheese curds that squeak are everywhere up there.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on Beloved, disgusting food at Prairie Weather
My question is how many more damaged guys like this one have been sent back to serve in Afghaistan, and how many more massacres can we expect before somebody does something? I realize that in this new era, no one is ever responsible for anything, except the poor dumb bastard who who gets caught at the end of an extremely long string of unfortunate and often illegal events that extends into the political and social stratosphere, but some might consider this a wake-up call.
Tancred wasn't going to keep those prisoners as slaves; he was going to deal them back for ransom. Unfortunately, his men sort of foreclosed that option, much to the expense to Tancred's purse. No wonder he was upset; nothing like hitting somebody in the pocketbook to make them mad.
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I wasn't sure what was going to happen up in America's Dairyland when this whole thing started, but it occurs to me that people are really pissed off up there and getting more so by the day. I guess it really is possible to get folks' attention if you're stupid enough to believe your own propaganda and then try to force everybody to swallow the BS, no matter how divorced from reality it might be.