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I liked hangover, but wasn't one of those people who thought it was "the best comedy ever". Certainly weaker than individual episodes of "Arrested Development". (And I certainly don't remember quoting anything from it...) Unlike: There's always money in the banana stand...
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My wife & I both watch Mad Men. We don't watch it for the masculinity, we watch it for the characters... who fully embrace their loathsome status but can't quite see the writing on the wall. The 60's are coming. The writers know this, and point it out infinitely. This world is backwards. This world is wrong. And to think these days were "Golden Years" is too only pay attention to the flash and to miss the warning signs brimming everywhere. The female characters are some of the best in the show. You can see the change occurring in them, but they don't know what it is yet. All they know is that they're not content with the status quo... and that resentment keeps building, and building ....
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I'm not a huge 2000-2005 fan, but it did include: Gorillaz debut album Josh Rouse: 1972 Andrew Bird: Mysterious Production of Eggs
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2009 on Crotchety at Obsidian Wings
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Here's what I've gathered by trolling conservative blogs: Who cares? These people are evil terrorists, and yet you're fighting for their rights? What you're doing isn't even that harsh? I mean, there's no permanent wounds there? Hell, our guys do the same thing for training! The concept that everyone has an inalienable set of rights, that it's all based on extensive (equally damaging) psychological damage, or that the culmination of these techniques causes the damage does not get acknowledged. And if you can't acknowledge that, then where's the harm in it?
Toggle Commented May 4, 2009 on Motiveless Malignancy at Obsidian Wings
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