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I think I might finally be growing up.
Interests: Hobbies? Who has time for hobbies? Occasionally I've been known to photograph a thing or two. I'm interested in music, art, and languages. My favorite sport is soccer. Most of all I enjoy spending time with friends.
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I swear, I can NOT get over his expressions!!
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2006 on Drop in the Name of Love at amalah . com
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Obviously I don't care about the hotness factor, He's just generally not my favorite. Maybe if he didn't look so dirty all the time.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2006 on New World? at This Bud's For You
Thanks Isabel and Dawn for De-Lurking!!
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2006 on I'm Not Dead Yet! at This Bud's For You
HA! I think you're's addicted to pain!
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2006 on You Crazy Crazy Man....... at This Bud's For You
I know I know...... I went to get the caramel corn but they were closed and I was NOT about to scour OC in 40 degree weather to find some. "So Sue Me!"
Agreed! It was an excellent movie. I've been a fan of Johnny Cash for a while and I truly enjoyed this movie!!
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2005 on You're an Overgrown Ape at This Bud's For You
How is it that I've lived here for 5 years (in MD for 22) and did not realize that there were so many good restaraunts. When I think of DC, I think, "Where is there to eat?" Anyway, I enjoy reading your site and look forward to trying your top 5.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2005 on Top 5 Restaurants at Maryland Foodies
LOL!! You all crack me up! No - mrsatroxi you are not one of the friends who have let me down. And yes - I have a sister by default!
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2005 on About Me at This Bud's For You
That post was AWESOME! Ok...A little ego stroking never hurt anyone :)
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2005 on Inspired at This Bud's For You