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Spot on indeed. I am an African American male who I lived in the South End back in the early-mid 1990's and I have had this same discussion about the overrated "diversity" of the South End. I loved living there, but it was not truly diverse then, although relatively friendly. Of course it is certainly the most diverse of the downtown neighborhoods, but then the others are 97% white. It's really more economic than racial. There simply are not enough 20-30 something minorities in Boston who can afford and want to live in a $500,000 800 sq. ft. apartment in a somewhat "gritty" neighborhood. Sorry to say it, but that's a young white folks "thing." Still I'm a bit nostalgic and miss that old days. I find this whole "SOWA" and now "SOHA" business quite amusing! You want to find diversity in Boston? Start your search underground, on the T. There are a handful of stops on the Red, Orange and Green E lines where Boston looks like the world, diverse by ethnicity, age, wealth, national origin, language, profession, where the hip and not so hip, all come together for a few minutes of peaceful coexistence...
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May 7, 2010