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Monalisa Robbiani
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"VR mostly attracts men for the same reason first-person shooters also mostly attract men: We men are much more likely to find these experiences immersive and enjoyable." What if you have confused reason and result in this one? Maybe shooters are enjoyable by men, because men are being told that, being a man, they sure must like it. So they spend a lot of time with their oh so masculine shooting games getting used to the experience while playing. Girls tend to avoid this kind of games, because, yes you guessed it, it's a male only culture. Then, when the men try out VR later, they are much less likely to vomit, not because they are men, but because they are already used to the VR experience. On the other hand: Virtual worlds being populated my men only, half of them in female disguise, is that really something new? ;)
There is no reason a modern day tablet cannot run SL like a desktop PC does. We got NVIDIA graphics, a lot of memory, and even CPUs faster than on some older PCs that run SL. And since most tablets are used at home on the couch, we got WIFI as well. So who exactly needs a service that costs 2 euros an hour?
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Mar 8, 2014