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I am really glad to hear someone express this point. I was just thinking about this on my way home from school, probably spurred by your previous post and a conversation overheard on the bus by some teenagers about driving and insurance. Particularly the bit about the euphemistic 'Car Accident'. I'd like to add one point though, which I have never heard expressed anywhere. That is, regarding who bears the responsibility for a city's motor vehicle caused fatalities. There is -some- recognition now regarding the responsibility of consumers who purchase a product for the conditions of the workers who make it (textiles, blood diamonds). But there doesn't seem to be the same recognition that each time you turn on your car you are risking other people's lives for your convenience. Basic probability shows (usually in the context of gambling) that the chance of an outcome multiplied by the (in this case) cost of that outcome is the cost of taking that risk. So for each motor vehicle trip taken in a city your responsibility is approximately (the number of motor vehicle fatalities in said city per time period)/(the number of motor vehicle trips in said city per time period). There is a real moral cost to driving, even without considering the degraded natural and social environments that driving cars contributes to.
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Sep 29, 2010