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Framing has been one of the latest "framings" of the discussion about how to influence people. We know that propaganda and advertising work or there wouldn't be so much of it, but sometimes it works better than others. Why? I think this is the wrong question. The issue in not when or how it works, but on whom. There is still a significant group of people who believe things that have been throughly discredited. At the risk of getting into a side issue, let's just say this involves things like foreign affairs, tax policy and various scientific discoveries. So why do some people resist all evidence? Obviously if they do then "framing" is a waste of time for them. One of the people who has study this extensively is psychologist Robert Altemeyer. His work was the basis of John Dean's recent book "Conservatives without Conscience". Basically he has identified a personality type which prefers to be led by a strong leader and supports a hierarchical organization to society. They also have a high correlation with conservative social attitudes. He calls these people "right wing authoritarians" (RWA). Altemeyer has now written a book summarizing his 40+ years of research and put it online for free. I think reading it will be a good complement to all the "framing" discussions. Here's the link: The Authoritarians You can't counter such people if you don't understand what makes them tick.
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