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Preparing a new hire/candidate for dealing with the counter-offer is an often overlooked part of the recruiting process. Your tips/stories are great. The lesson to employers is obvious. As Suster puts it, don't roll out the red carpet on the way out. Netflix has a similar policy on the matter. An employee walks in your office today saying that they received a better offer from another company... if you would offer them more money to stay (or some other benefit), do it now. If you would not fight for them, fire them now.
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Ditto. Big fan of Zappos and Tony. But most companies don't get the hard part - that you need to live it. And living it requires real personnel changes so that you can shine a light on EVERY employee and know that they're in lock-step with your core values. If I have one gripe with Tony, it's that he doesn't spend enough time talking about the hard stuff, like firing people who are either talented or nice people just because they didn't live the values. That's the difference. People walk away all jazzed up about the positive parts, the celebration, the fun. Tony doesn't talk enough about the "mechanisms with teeth." My last company actually published a culture book just like Zappos'. It is gorgeous and hip. Full of great stuff about how great the culture is. All of it bullsh!t. All of it. Saying it and living it requires honesty and tough, tough choices that most leaders aren't ready for. Great post. I've been following for a little bit and like your style and content. You can check my thoughts on similar topics at
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Aug 30, 2011