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New York
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It's always "Performance at the White House" and suspension of disbelief.
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The disturbing thing is that Obama knows how bad this looks...and he doesn't care. He is not on the ballot this November.
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Taking requests? How about "Buddy, can you spare a dime".
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Let me get this straight. Throwing a projectile like a shoe in a demonstration is an acceptable and profound symbolic gesture but a poster with the Danish cartoons is a symbol of hate and incitement?
Ah, remember the good old days when dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now dissent borders on the criminal.
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The Congressmen clearly wanted to incite the crowd and they did. These are Congressmen, not victims. Their actions have a direct impact on the lives of the citizens who every right to protest them.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on LIARS! at Atlas Shrugs
Caption for The White House lawn golf photo: "Obama and Biden working on their putz"
I understand your frustration Laura. It is the classic big lie concept and the leftists speaking at NYU all but admitted that fact. Apartheid triggers an emotion and reaction and circumvents the facts. The plight of indigenous peoples and Native Americans do the same thing. At the event I tried to prove the lie of that assertion by pointing out the fact that "Palestine" is NOT an Arabic word and is a colonial construction and creation of the Romans. The "First Nation" to borrow their phrase was Judea which is a Hebrew word and a land populated by Hebrews. Which means that Jews are the "indians" of that area of the part of the Middle-East. I hope this Native American woman Melissa does her own research and come to the conclusion that she has been lied to and made a fool of by her leftist "friends".
I was there and had the first question of the evening to the Native American woman who wants to kick the natives of the Kingdom of Israel off their native land and which would spark a Wounded Knee Massacre times one million. "Isn't the word Palestine or Palestinia not an Arabic word but a Roman word; a colonizers word; and wasn't the indigenous name of the land, the "First Nation" name, the native name; JUDEA?" I continued. "You say that you were occupied for 500 years and survived genocide. Well the Jews were occupied for 2000 years and survived genocide and now you as a Native American want to throw them off the one reservation they have". This woman had no idea what I was talking about because she has been fed nothing but lies. As a Native American woman she should be the biggest Zionist in the room. Zionism IS an idigenous people's movement. Zionist fought against Turkish, British and Arab usurpers.
Thanks for the heads up on this. One of the events at NYU is called: "The Indigenous Struggle: A Call for the Boycott of Israel" I can't wait to tell them that Palestine is not an Arabic word but a Roman word. Before the Romans, the indigenous name of the land was called JUDEA! In fact only two established nation states ever existed on that land in all of human history; Judea and Israel. And all of this at NYU. College is a scam!
ADVICE ON DEALING WITH THE PUNK JIHAD Their stated goal is to sap moral. This moderator and friends of Israel should not allow themselves to get angry. If you ever witness the punk jihad, do not get hostile and do not curse or yell. Get a group of friends and when each punk disrupts the speech, shout together really loud and repeatedly........... WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!...WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Do it with a smile and laughing. It will sap THEIR moral to be mocked and being called a dog in Islamic culture is a deep insult. You can also wave the soul of your shoe at them if you choose.
Rep Henry Waxman representing the United States at this memorial is disgraceful.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2009 on 911 Memorial in Israel at Atlas Shrugs
How about another BEER SUMMIT between the SEALS and the terrorist scumbag. No hard feelings, right?
I hope you make these mad dogs that attacked Robert at NYU famous and post their names on the site. I assume Robert will press charges.
This is no joke. I hope Robert is OK. I was at Columbia University tonight watching a documnetary on the Mumbai Massacre where the director on the panel completely ignored who the terrorists were and others on the panel were actually making excuses for them. I left disgusted; and now I hear of this disgrace at NYU.
Let this hero's smiling face be beamed all over the Muslim world! This is the best of us.
Don't expect kudos from the National Organization of Women. God bless this great lady. We have a hero out of this atrocity at least.
One of my favorites. I so identify with Chuck Heston in this. Especially when you realize that the Anthony Zerbe character of Jonathan Mathias strongly resembles Keith Olbermann. And yes, I can see Keith Olbermann as a ghoul burning books.
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Alan Dershowitz put it best. The UN Human Rights groups are like the Mississippi Superme Court circa 1930.
God bless this sweet man. The Islamo-Fascist and Commies thugs don't even know that men wearing the uniform of the British Army fought the Nazis. At his age, with a son in battle, this man should not have to muck about with this kind of filth.
First Levin, then Malkin and now Palin number one on the NY Slimes Bestseller List. We in New York can hear the tiny popping of little lefty heads exploding all over the Upper West Side. I wonder what David Letterman is doing now? Heh
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2009 on I think there's a plan afoot :) at Atlas Shrugs
I saw this woman speak at CPAC and I am so glad you posted it. She was terrific but what she said was scary.
Absoluetly great posting. There are so many lies in the media about this very significant event.
I am going to Liberty State Park. I need to be around people who feel as strongly about this as I do. Come on New Yorkers! It's just a Path Train and light-rail and your there. It's the very least we can do.