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"Turdra is a lot less likely to burn to the ground, LOL"? More likely to burn to the ground. The turdra is a ugly POS and needs to burn.
@enus- is that all you got? The best thing about you rolled down your pappas leg. Ford is not as heavily involved in china as Government Motors is, and the design of the new chevy's are going to be chinese. The F150 is a US design. Those youtube video's you make are as lame as your comment's, more proof you fail as a human being.
@johnny dipshit- "i want to be in the link posting game" Here's a link for you, you china loving troll bitch- "What's ford gonna do when the new small block chevys come out?" When it comes out in china first!
Those rims are pre-04. Going back to 5 lugs?
@TurdraHQ-"BTW - not a good idea to try and "prove me wrong". What are you going to do about it?? All manufactures have their share of problems and toyota does a good job at keeping things as quiet as possible. The turdra is a low volume truck and to have as many problems as it does, its pathetic. I don't use magazines or websites to make a decision on what I drive. I see first hand what these trucks can do everyday. I would take a Ram over a turdra. "I don't see what your point is, really." to come to a website and tell CR what they need , talk about quailty of the big 3 and promote a website (turdahq). Sounds desperate and condescending. I wish you the best with your low volume truck and low volume website. Have a good weekend.
@TundraHQ- The turdra has a whole lot of quality problems!!! Toytoa extends the warranty of those worthless air pumps because it is cheaper to extend the warranty then to issue a recall!!! The turdra is old and is showing it true colors as a expensive P.O.S!!!!!! I would walk before I get in another turdra. So go back to your turd tunnel and talk that quality sh@t to your minions!! problems are tru 2012.
"Ram is taking out Ford in 2013" for a good time :0----o==( R----0===(FORD A M In the face
Ram is taking out Ford in 2013 F O R----0===( R A D M
I don't have to read stuff like this to see what truck rates the highest, I already know from first hand experience that Ford makes the best truck and the turdra sucks.
"RAM IS TAKING OUT FORD AND CHEVY IN 2013" Where is RAM taking them to, Dinner and a Movie?
The looks of the new chevy will be designed by the chinese and will look worst then they ever have. @Bvonscott- Next time you talk about people on this site, do it on this site. If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!!!!!!!!!! Bvonscott: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Date:Feb 2005 Location:California Posts:2,268Re: Spied: 2014 GMC Sierra Joins Silverado Test Fleet Apparently I'm very popular over at that site. I knew was full of whiners and haters that are in lala land but geez. Pretty ridiculous.
Made in the U.S.A getting it done and saving lives, only Ford makes show trucks that can go from the showroom to hard work in the same day! Or from the showroom to escaping the apocalypse in the same day!
More china junk!!
The high bed sides on the F150 come in handy hauling tall stuff without wondering if it going to fall out going around a sharp corner or marking a quick lane change. I use my tire to get what i need out of the bed, but I would like the steps if I had them.
The R&D on the F150 is in the U.S. Unlike GM moving R&D to china, Ford keeps it in house at home. CGM (China Government Motors) will soon have thier headquarters in China and will be exporting vechicles to the U.S. Next time you a chinese knock off of a chevy or gmc, it could be the real thing! The FX4 and the Raptor look the best to me, I hate chrome!
I think stories on work vans has a place on this site. I use a truck, van, and sometimes a suv to do jobs. If it is designed to work out of, I what to know more about it even if is a crappy chevy or turdyota.
@oxi- Don't address me or comment on me anymore. I will not play your trolling game. That's it I'M done with you and I will not say this again DO NOT ADDRESS ME OR COMMENT ON ME ANYMORE!!!
I have learned to appreciate fine art, even from a 3 year old.
The turdra gets the worse gas mileage loaded and unloaded
If I was in the market for another 1/2 ton I would consider the 3.5 eb. I would have to test drive it with a loaded trailer, and if got better mpg than the 6.2 with a loaded trailer and pulled just as good as the 6.2, then I would get the 3.5!
The only thing I don't like is the headlights! The soild front axle is the best thing for a 3/4 or 1 ton. There are things that can happen off-road with IFS. I bust boot clamps every time I jump my truck so I have to put straps on the lower control arm to keep from over extending. Drove trough thick brush and some big sticks rip into the rubber boots on the cv joints and end my day. IFS is to many moving parts and and more can go wrong real quick. Ford is doing the right thing with the new Super Duty and keeping the sraight axle. The painted outside of the gille does look better than fully chromed. I will be in the maket next year for a ton and it will be a SA,4x4,KINGRANCH, SUPERDUTY.
I was looking back and just assumed the moron I was talking to knew my truck wasn't stock buy the picture I posted in the lifted article. I saw the moron said STOCK and I geuss I missed it. It has 5" RCD lift 285/75/16 and full 3/16 skid plates from the front all the way to the transmission yoke. Frame plates are welded to the back hump of the frame so it doesn't bend when jumped. I repeatly jump the (station wagon) every chance I get. I'm a and always will be a truck guy. There are no cars,crossovers,vans, or STATION WAGONS in my driveway and never will be! My trucks have never let me down even when I try to break something, I still made it home. Fullsize trucks and all trucks have a place and purpose and has a place and purpose for someone, until you can see the place and purpose, you won't understand! You have to see with you eyes the place and the purpose. Ever since I was little I saw my dad,my grandfarther, and uncles go threw trucks in construction, pullin, haulin, and wreckin them. They drove all fullsize makes and models and the only ones they perfer are fords. When I got my first truck it was a 83 F150 and my friend got 85 GMC serria and both of us wrecked are trucks with my wreck was worse and still drove for 6 months utill i got it fixed. Other people I know had serious accident, they drove f150s and walked away. My friend that had the gmc drives f250 now. Thats the same with other poeple but their family drives GMC,DODGE, or whatever it is and they see the same things I did growing up and experiancing the same things but its just a differant brand. Until you see with your own eyes you will never know!
@snowboy-Cummins had a good run but its over. The inhouse superduty will win the shootout and it is game over for the rest! There's only one snowman & you an't it!
@ snowman (a.k.a The Goon) Why don't you post a link after your comment so everybody knows the exact artcile you are talking about?