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Robert Salandre
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As the message regarding the need and importance of protecting customer information continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so to do the expectations of compliance and enforcement. This fact is called out in numerous federal and state laws, best... Continue reading
I use social media everyday. My family and friends use social media every day. Many of my colleagues use social media everyday. The point is nearly everyone uses some type of social media, to one degree or another, on a... Continue reading
With all the recent buzz and excitement around the iPhone 4, Droid 'Incredible', Droid 'X', and similar, there are a number of articles and blogs related to information security and privacy concerns associated with those devices. has an informative... Continue reading
Over the years, one of the questions I have been asked most frequently is, "Do we really need to have an Information Security awareness and training program?" The question is often followed up by a statement calling into question the... Continue reading
In the broadest of definitions, people have been blogging for centuries. Whether on a soapbox in the middle of town square or on the world stage of the Internet, people tend to gravitate towards public forums, where they can voice... Continue reading
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Apr 21, 2010