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Been thoroughly out of it, but for the side interest, it's interesting to so these 'competing' comments (but that may just be my perception, looked at this graph with select options. Whatever ice extent there is, thick or thin, it's close to that poorest 2012 year, well, well, well outside 2 std deviation.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2018 on PIOMAS July 2018 at Arctic Sea Ice
Maybe Cryosat 2 (see them largely being ignored) will provide alternate ice-volume info, since it's scheduled to resume the measurements in September (suspended because it can't handle melt-ponds). Go: and
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2016 on 2016 Mega-Dipole at Arctic Sea Ice
Yes, when the deep water formation off Greenland shuts down, things will change very seriously, globally.
Did not see it in the sidebar news reel, at BBC Cryosat spacecraft's ice vision is boosted (Still, but only just, reading climate news and blogs... the inaction...Poor boy Netherlands at the bottom of the EU list), is too depressing... TSIB
Toggle Commented May 12, 2016 on PIOMAS May 2016 at Arctic Sea Ice
Certainly would need a Krakatau [Pinatubo a burb by comparison] to even dent the chances of not passing anything before 2007. The energy is already in the system and it taking quite some time to get the full kick of volcanic impact, plus it has to be at the right latitude. Given the extreme solar exposure warnings [7] I heard off in passing through Schiphol to include ozone development at ground level on Thursday/Friday, and same here meridionale Italy [40C today], could it be the UV factor is giving the extra kick [that ozone layer damage again]? For now, July 23 data has passed all years 1 day minimum prior to 1996: . P.S. A discussion Krakatau, Pinatubo and the monstrum of all, Toba: Latter link has a small chart that can be viewed larger, putting various eruptions in perspective [don't be deceived by the height of the lines... it's the scale on left P.P.S. Few more days and MASIE passes JAXA. The 15% v 30% concentration is also interesting in how they develop:
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Jul 27, 2012