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Nice write up and this certainly seems unusual, although nowadays unusual is becoming normal. The Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook merely reinforces this as well as providing some information on how this impacts the people living in that area.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2018 on Bering goes extreme at Arctic Sea Ice
4.28M km^2 - forgot the M in the last post
4.28 km^2 Strictly a guess and up from my last guess. From observing MODIS, the ice seems spread out and fragmented, so an August weather event or two could certainly have a dramatic effect, but right now I think we may end up with higher extent of very weak thin and fractured ice.
3.98 Mkm^2 Once again just a guess, but up from the last guess since extent is still just declining slowly.
3.57 M km^2 At the moment, 2013 looks similar to 2012, so just guessing that the mean will be similar. Waiting to see if the MYI around CAA gets blown apart. And there is no "science" for my estimate, just the trusty eyeball :-)
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May 15, 2013