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Robert Turner
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Hey Bob !! just wanted to let ya know how much of a bitch you really sound like..lmao !! If I were to see you on the streets EVER I would simply knock the brakes off your simple ass AND I would let MY pitbull maul you for being a whiney little bitch !! So what if the fuckin dog bit you ??? People get bit by all sorts of dogs everyday but you dont here about it cause its not a pitbull.. It didnt even break the skin. Do you need attention ?? You want Mommy to kiss it and make it better ?? Is that why your crying about a little bruise ?? I bet your just one smack away from being someones bitch !! THIS message is for ALL the ignorant fucks who feel this way about the pitbull breed. Once again I will re-iterate the fact that dangerous dogs come from dangerous owners.. wtf ??
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on My Now Colorful Pit Bull Bite at The Sudden Curve
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Feb 15, 2010