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Robert Woods
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I think the new pricing structure looks fair. I don't see any other streaming or dvd service that offers what Netflix has. I'll stay with my 1 dvd/unlimited streaming plan until they get more complete availability on the tv seasons. I don't think any streaming business will be lost, but many will probably rethink their dvd requirements.
Why would I pay for something that would hurt a business I support? Netflix has given me much more in entertainment value than the 9 bucks a month I pay. I hate to think that a portion of my fee will now have to go for legal fees to stop this.
With rising competition of Amazon, Apple and others I hope NetFlix will speedily continue their efforts in streaming. They will need to stay well ahead of the game to keep their #1 spot. They appear to be doing good, but it is still frustrating to have to keep the disk option in order to finish a series of movies or tv shows.
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May 13, 2011