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@MrEks: I totally sympathize with feeling like they've screwed you for the first time after twelve years of making you feel special. However, if you look at inflation over those twelve years ( you'll see that your original $19.99 payment is now equivalent to a $27.08 payment today. I know you're disappointed in streaming's audio quality, but do you think that the streaming catalog for stuff where audio isn't as important (TV series, etc) is worth $2.90 per month? Alternatively, would you think that the service in general has improved by about 10% or is delivering 10% more value over the last twelve years? For example, recommendations, delivery times, catalog depth, etc.? Cheers, Rob
Ok. I was going to bite my tongue, but then it started to bleed. @Johnson1965Tony: Reed isn't diluting the stock by exercising his options. He would be if they were issuing new stock to fulfill the option exercise, but I'm pretty certain it's coming out of treasury stock. If you want to be a snarky doom-and-gloomer, the proper argument is that the share buybacks which are replenishing the treasury are at an unconscionably high price and that the company's cash is better used elsewhere. Your comment that Netflix is being deceptive in its accounting practices is unfounded (unless you have some evidence that nobody else has seen). I'll admit that GS and CS may be working the market pretty hard for some reason, but nobody is holding a gun to the head of the traders on the other end of the brokerage's trades. It's very hard to steal from someone in the markets, unless they're willfully ignorant, greedy or both. @Robert Emmerich: Netflix per share price is indeed 10x Microsoft's. The more important comparison here is total market capitalization (share price * number of shares). Netflix = 14B, Microsoft = 210B. Microsoft is worth about 15x. Is your mind unboggled now?
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