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Good analysts have done a poor job showing exactly why Granderson's numbers against LHP are so low. It isn't LHP, per se, it was LHP pitching in Comerica. As such: Curtis Ain't He Granderson - Career Comerica: vs. LHP: .179/.231/.259 = .490 OPS vs. RHP: .285/.365/.510 = .875 OPS Everywhere else: vs. LHP: .239/.306/.425 = .731 OPS vs. RHP: .298/.369/.545 = .914 OPS Sure, that .731 OPS isn't great. But it's: 1) An average CF; 2) Better than the Yanks have gotten full-time out of CF for the last two years; 3) Better than what Ellsbury gives in 50% of his at-bats (i.e., who's talking about platooning him?). And Granderson only faces LHP in ~30% of his at-bats. The plain fact is Granderson, lefties and all, is a full-time player, unless you want to sit him in the four games at Comerica this year. Don't believe me? Look at the true player: Granderson – Career on the Road: .284 /.353/.516 = .869 Granderson – 2009 on the Road: .267 /.345/.516 = .861 Do you honestly think Yankee Stadium will help or hurt that bottomline?
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Feb 2, 2010