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Mark, I agree with you and think this has been going on all along. The radio industry does not really want to fully support digital distribution platforms quite yet, for a few reasons outlined below. Many in the radio business are not really interested in learning or spending money against digital distribution as they often think it threatens their existing investment in the broadcast side. The broadcast side is an area they are masters of and they do not want to let go of that control. Making money via the old radio business models is easier to understand then chasing the new digital media side. When the economy gets tough then people fall back on safer and less risky business activities. The change to digital distribution will only be done if it does not add to costs and increases revenue. The issue is that online radio has so much competition from niche content providers that are free. This is why we do not see major broadcasters offering top talent radio shows as free full show audio podcasts. Most of these shows are behind subscription models that most of the current podcast distribution platforms do not support. The digital side of radio will take a very long time to change significantly and is a generational issue. I hope we will see paid subscription merchandising and technology on many of the top podcast platforms and also hope that we will see better device level playback tracking of podcasts to enable better business models around podcast distribution. These changes will go far to enable growth of digital download distribution opportunities. The streaming side will also grow larger over time and revenue models will get better as it scales larger. Digital distribution is the future of radio, but the industry will continue to be slow to move that way. Rob Greenlee,
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