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Many divorce agreements say that a spouse can stop paying alimony if the other spouse remarries or begins living with a romantic partner. That sounds simple – but in today’s world, romantic relationships can be anything but simple. Sometimes, as... Continue reading
It's an age old question, well it's been a question that's been asked since at least 1982 when the Clash's hit album Combat Rock with the rock anthem "Should I Stay or Should I Go" was released. :) The first... Continue reading
Sunday is Valentine's Day. It is a wonderful time to celebrate love, but for someone who is going through a divorce or who has just recently gone through a divorce it can be a very painful time...a time to mourn... Continue reading
As the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket, so does the amount of student loan debt that graduates are saddled with going forward. Some 70% of students who earned bachelor’s degrees in 2012 had student loans, and these loans... Continue reading
If you’re paying alimony, you can declare the amount you’ve paid each year on your income tax return and receive a deduction. Similarly, if you receive alimony, you’re required to report the amount you receive during the year on your... Continue reading
In the case of Caldwell v. Caldwell, the Virginia Court of Appeals, in an unpublished opinion, held that the trial court did not err in its interpretation of parties’ post-separation agreement or in finding husband breached his obligations under the... Continue reading
Court Lacked Authority To Order Husband To Transfer Solely Owned LLC Interest in Commercial Real Estate Partnership to Wife. Continue reading
School either has started or will soon start in Central Virginia and, if you and your spouse divorced over the summer, or if you and your ex-spouse or the father or mother of your child modified your custody and visitation... Continue reading
"Your excellent representation for my son coupled character with duty. The comprehensive evidence you compiled was precise, penetrating and presented with deliberation. Clearly, your fortitude and expertise commanded the respect of all involved, resulting in a favorable verdict. Thank you for such an outstanding performance." A.O. Continue reading
In the case of Linton v. Linton, the Virginia Court of Appeals, in an unpublished opinion, upheld the decision of the trial court that ordered wife to transfer her separately titled limited partnership interest to satisfy a monetary award to... Continue reading
In addition to my divorce practice, I also handle criminal cases. I received this testimonial today about a case I handled last week. "Recently, you represented my nephew. The way you defended your client demonstrated expertise and empathy. Your tenacity... Continue reading
According to Virginia Code Section 8.01-271.1, every pleading, written motion, and other paper that is filed must be signed by an attorney or by a party, if the party is proceeding without an attorney. The signature constitutes a certificate that... Continue reading
Charlottesville Divorce Lawyer Rob Hagy-Divorce Did You Know Number #9-Who Is A Family Or Household Member Under Virginia's Domestic Violence Laws? Continue reading
In a marital dispute under Virginia’s equitable distribution and marital property statutes, the Virginia Supreme Court in the case of David v. David, held that the Virginia Court of Appeals erred in interpreting Code § 20-107.3(A)(3)(a) as placing an initial... Continue reading
I came across this article from the Boston Globe about an unusual bill that has been proposed by the state legislature. -Charlottesville Divorce Lawyer Rob Hagy. For more information, call to schedule an appointment at (434)293-4562. Continue reading
I discovered an informative article today from the newspaper the News & Advance of Lynchburg, Virginia on the stages of divorce. -Rob Hagy, Charlottesville Divorce Lawyer. For help with your divorce, support, or custody needs, please contact me at (434)293-4562... Continue reading
St. Patrick’s Day can be great fun, but when you are either about to be involved in a custody and visitation case or are currently involved in a custody and visitation case, a misstep on St. Patrick's Day could do... Continue reading
It started snowing just a few hours ago here in Charlottesville, Virginia, and there is more on the way. We're expecting a heavy snowfall. We've been inundated in the last few days with warnings about the weather. We've been lucky.... Continue reading
In the case of Slye v. Slye, the Virginia Court of Appeals, in an unpublished opinion, ruled that an ex-husband was not entitled to modify a previous order granting his ex-wife spousal support. Upon petition of either party, a court... Continue reading
In the case of Mayer v. Mayer, the Virginia Court of Appeals, in a published opinion, ruled that a mother was entitled to child support for her daugther who was over the age of 18 even though the mother didn't... Continue reading
Father Fails to Prove Sobriety and Requests for Joint Legal Custody and Visitation Denied As A Result. Continue reading
Wife Not Entitled To Attorneys Fees In Spousal Support Modification Case. Continue reading
Court Should Not Have Reopened Case To Equitably Divide Account Receivable Of Real Estate Holding Company. Continue reading
Print Outs of Cell Phone Text Messages Admissible As Evidence. Continue reading