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As a matter of first impression, Virginia Court of Appeals Rules That Intent to Separate Not Required To Be Continuous. Continue reading
Assuming Virginia law applied at the time, Kitty could not have filed suit for divorce on the basis of adultery because there is five-year statute of limitations for adultery actions! Oppenheimer's disclosure occurred in 1954, approximately 11 years after he stayed overnight with Ms. Tatlock. Continue reading
This case, Michael Powell v. Melanie Knoepfler-Powell comes out of the Circuit Court of Fairfax County when the father appeals the Custody and Child Support Order entered on entered on May 9, 2022. Mr. Powell argues that the trial court... Continue reading
From the Circuit Court of Hanover County comes the divorce case of Jennifer M. Payne v. David Ray Payne, Record No. 0065-22-2. In this matter, on December 16, 2021, the Hanover County Circuit Court entered a final decree of divorce... Continue reading
From the Circuit Court of Fairfax County comes Shiye Qiu v. Chaoyu Huang, Anna Ouspenskaya and Arlene Starace. Case No. Record No. 0459-22-4. In this complex divorce case where Mr. Qui believes he is being conspired against by the wife... Continue reading
From the Circuit Court in Arlington County comes the appeal of Fox v. Fox, Record No. 1380-22-4, wherein Mr. Fox, pro se husband/appellant appealed the court's judgment granting the motion to remove a motion filed previously and imposing sanctions against... Continue reading
From the Loudoun County Circuit Court, comes record no. 0819-22-4, Frank Howard v. Suzanne Howard. whereby Frank Howard appealed the decision of the Circuit Court that prevented a change in the amount of spousal support agreed upon to be paid... Continue reading
Out of Chesterfield County comes this Appeal of a Termination of Parental Rights case. In Cannon v. Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services, father appeals the Termination of Rights ruling from the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County because his motion... Continue reading
This case comes from the Circuit Court in Amherst County. Appellant Christopher Hill disputes both of the Amherst County Circuit Court's decisions to grant custody to the mother and finding there was no good reason to remove and replace the... Continue reading
A party petitioning the court without evidence other than their own strong emotions does not mean they are entitled to the decision they believe is right. In this case, the circuit court's decision stood because the parties were unable to... Continue reading
In the case of Arastoo Yazdani v. Soraya Sazegar, a published decision from the Virginia Court of Appeals, the judgement of the trial court was affirmed where husband did not clearly and unambiguously waive his right to appeal the issue... Continue reading
In the March 8, 2022 case of Cathryn Rose Rainey v. Chad Christopher Rainey, a published opinion, the Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that the trial court did not err in awarding sole legal and physical custody of the children... Continue reading
In this case, Tina Dione Woodson v. Commonwealth of Virginia, where a mother was charged with battery for disciplining her 2 12-year-old twins with a belt, the issue is whether the actions were those of unnecessary and/or excessive discipline or... Continue reading
For two years after the birth of her son, Appellant (Mother) tested positive for amphetamines. The son tested positive for amphetamines at birth, as well as being diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. When the Virginia Beach DSS intervened, removed the child... Continue reading
Husband's Failure to File Transcript or Statement of Facts Results in Affirmation of Large Attorneys Fee Award. Continue reading
In this termination of parental rights case re the City of Richmond Department of Social Services v. J. Wells and D. Roane (biological parents), the Circuit Court dismissed the termination petition against Ms. Wells and Mr. Roane due to the... Continue reading
In this unpublished case, Shvets v. Shvets, the circuit court's judgement was affirmed as Appellant (Husband) failed to file a transcript or a written statement of facts at the November 23, 2021 hearing. Appellant (Husband) was found in contempt for... Continue reading
From the Circuit Court for Henrico County comes the divorce case of Grant v. Grant. On November 29, 2021, the circuit court entered a final decree of divorce and granted husband a divorce on the grounds of living separate and... Continue reading
In a Termination of Parental Rights case where the Fairfax County Department of Social Service prevailed, only the father appealed the decision. Fairfax County DSS v. Odoms proved to be a true best interest of the child case. This case... Continue reading
A recent case from Massachusetts shows that being as clear as possible with your attorney about your wishes when negotiating a separation agreement will help you greatly should a dispute arise later on. In that case, a divorcing couple negotiated... Continue reading
Many divorcing parents are concerned about new romantic interests in the lives of their soon-to-be-ex-spouses and the potential introduction of these strangers to their children. Some may even want to incorporate language into their divorce agreements restricting the ability of... Continue reading
In the Internet age, we’ve all gotten used to less privacy. But one thing few of us are comfortable with is the idea of our divorce being public. Unfortunately, divorce filings are generally considered a matter of public record. Additionally,... Continue reading
Rights of long-term unmarried couples when they break up. In 2018, Brynn Cameron, the longtime girlfriend of NBA star Blake Griffin, sued Griffin for “palimony” after he left her and their children for reality TV star Kendall Jenner. “Palimony” is... Continue reading
COURT OF APPEALS OF VIRGINIA Present: Judges Fulton, Ortiz and Raphael Argued at Norfolk, Virginia -WILLIAM WINN KHINE OPINION BY v. Record No. 0900-21-1 JUDGE STUART A. RAPHAEL SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE... Continue reading