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"Yes" to all of the above. I am more in tune with black problems and fears than most older white men because my wife, stepchildren, and grandchildren are all black. We've watched plenty of store clerks treat my wife with suspicion or disdain or ignore her altogether -- until I walk up, which usually means they set their "nice" switch to "on." Re Black Lives Matter: I heard somebody say we should mentally append "too" to those three words, and I've seen a number of people point out that wanting to save the whales doesn't mean you're anti-dolphin. Nice analogy. And in Tampa, a group of black pastors is promoting their home-grown "Your Life Matters" movement, which is very much about cutting down black-on-black violence. And police? Their lives matter (too), right? And police (again)? That black guy sitting on the porch, looking ragged and slightly stoned? His life matters too -- if not to him then to his Mom. Please don't forget this. Thanks, -Rob
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2016 on White Lives Matter at Dana Blankenhorn
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Jul 29, 2016