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New Zealand
A he/him Kiwi who likes blogging about design, technology, cycling, autos and (a rather unexciting) life!
Interests: design, gps, cad, rally, cycling, formula one, computers and other stuff!
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Waiheke is another place close to home (35km) I’ve been too and around (sailing) countless times but never cycled. Bizarrely, although parks closed to cycling I’ve ridden more at Rangitoto & Motutapu thanks to the annual DUAL Charity Cycle event. I joined Thomas and Guy on a hot summer day for a loop of Waiheke (TO2122-62). They were getting the ferry from Devonport so drove there to meet. I considered riding to get the ferry from town, which stops at Devonport, but by the end of the day was glad I didn’t! Ferry, jet skis and sad sight on the... Continue reading
Posted 14 minutes ago at RobiNZ Personal Blog
On December 31 Auckland moved to the Orange Traffic Light setting and serious travel was OK. I did a few regional rides before heading out of Auckland for a few overnight trips, to check out gear, before embarking on the more extensive South Island adventures. Āwhitu? Although just 17km from home, I have only visited Āwhitu, South Head of the Manukau Harbour, a few times and never ridden there as by road it is 110km away. To make it a day ride I drove to Pollok eliminating a lot of familiar, or just uninteresting, suburban & highway kilometres. The ride... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at RobiNZ Personal Blog
I still miss Windows Phone, Niagara Launcher on Android is my current next best, and this is a great look back at most of what went wrong. What I find most annoying is Microsoft had the answer to the fatal 'app gap' with their Android Bridge, which allowed Android apps to run on Windows Phone, but chose not to use it. Ironic that today Windows desktop allows just that...? Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at RobiNZ CAD Blog
Rode the new’ish New Lynn to Avondale Pathway today and saw how an inadequate road crossing is going to injure/kill people. It was this “crossing” (red on map) at St Jude Street, close to a road intersection and near to the rail crossing. St Jude Street is the connector between Great North Rd and New North Road with additional traffic from Blockhouse Bay Rd. All of these are major urban corridors and can be very busy. If not the nature of the road leads to reasonable speeds as people ‘race the railway crossing’. The crossing was slightly changed, for the... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at RobiNZ Personal Blog
On 20 October, the COVID lockdown in Auckland & Waikato moved to Level 3.1 which allowed regional travel but no access to the rest of the country (still at Level 2). Overnight trips, staying in rented accommodation or camping, were still not permitted but not really a problem for my day ride plans. A look at Strava history was useful to remind me of some gaps in Auckland riding, although not all my ride history is on Strava. I circled some parts of the map between the dashed lines (which approximate the Covid Region) I hadn’t ridden and started tackling... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2022 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
Being stuck in the Auckland Regional COVID Lockdown, from September to December 3, meant only local rides. I didn’t ride at all in the Level 4 lockdown as was still working and cycling around the block doesn’t appeal. On 22nd September Auckland & Northland relaxed to Level 3, just in time as 25th September was my last day of work. It meant I could ride within ‘walking home’ distance of home. For me, a self-imposed ~5km radius still offered quite a variety of riding. Most of my local rides take in the nearby Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. My favourite Titirangi... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2022 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
I finished work on September 25 2021 with the intention of cycling New Zealand over the summer months, my “Time Out NZ 2021 – 2022”. The initial plan was to revisit Northland, then head South to explore trails between Auckland and Wellington before returning to Auckland for the Christmas/New Year break. Later in January, after the peak holiday season crowds (and prices) had subsided, I would head to the South Island for a few months. When I got my Abarth I kept my 20-year-old Fiat Bravo ‘as a spare car’. It is ok, but old, and had done 270,000km and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2022 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
If you use Windows Quick Assist to support remote users, they will now have to install an app for it from the Windows Store. Once done it behaves the same but will update etc just like other store apps. Not a big deal until you need to support a remote user through that initial store install. Below shows the old app and the new store app (right) once installed. The Open Microsoft Store button on the old app opens the install page in the store. Clicking Get downloads and starts the installer but it requests Administrator permissions to install. Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2022 at RobiNZ CAD Blog
It's 11:40 Saturday morning here now :) Happy New Year in 20 minutes :)
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2021 on 2021 Blogging Highlights at RobiNZ CAD Blog
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Happy New Year! I usually begin this post with "Another year has flown by..." but 2021 was a strange mix of COVID-19 impacted lockdown time dilation—where it both flew and dragged simultaneously—and a (temporary) change of lifestyle for me. Time to look back from a bloggy/social media (not just CAD blog) perspective at another strange year: Best social media related event(s): With so much going on-line this year, including work for about 3 months, it is hard to single out one event but these come to mind: Richard Herring's RHLSTP video live recordings | For a modest fee, which supports... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2021 at RobiNZ CAD Blog
Revit, finally, got this feature I missed from AutoCAD days. Yes, you could always use dimensions to constrain 'EQ' between two references to place something midway but often that was just a hassle. Midpoint snap just places it, no dim, no delete dim, no unnecessary (if you don't need) constraints to fight later on! More at: What’s New in Revit 2022.1 | Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2021 at RobiNZ CAD Blog
With the new full suspension bike, the Giant Trance 'En-Trance Rob', I was after a 'no backpack' solution for day rides. I hate riding with a backpack; the weight high up, straps and 'clammy back' thing annoy. En-Trance has tubeless tyres and, even with the dropper post, the basics of puncture repair (spare tube, CO2 cartridge, plug tool and small bottle of fluid) fit in a small saddle bag, but that doesn't account for other gear. For a day ride I want to carry the following minimum: Warm/Wet Gear Rain shell Arm and Leg warmers for cycling and, if more... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
Lawyer Holly Hedley of Buddle Findlay explains the rules
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An important day in NZ today; End of Life Choice Act takes effect in New Zealand | Radio NZ The End of Life Choice Act has come into effect one year after nearly two-thirds of New Zealanders voted in favour of it in a referendum... The End of Life Choice Act 2019 gives me the right, with lots of conditions, to legally decide when I die. To be able to ask for assisted dying, a person must have a terminal illness that is likely to end their life within six months, and must be competent to make an informed decision.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
Had hoped to be heading North, cycling northland trails, this week but not able to leave Auckland yet. It looks like our current regional COVID boundary (approx. the --- line on Strava maps) will be around for a while, Christmas or beyond, so looking closer to home. A peak at my Strava Heatmap, red (least) to orange (more) = ridden, reveals plenty of places to explore*. Currently limited to day rides, no overnight or shared accommodation, so will be drive/day-ride no-contact solo rides to explore some of the gaps. Great Barrier Island and Waiheke Island are out, locals only there,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
Rapid Rob, my Giant Talon 1 hardtail MTB, was not going to be suitable for the last ride of summer without some modifications. The Old Ghost Road is 85km of 'Grade 4' rated trail comprising: "A legendary feat of trail-building has resurrected an old gold miners’ route between the ghost town of Lyell and sleepy Seddonville on the West Coast, passing through a series of remote landscapes bursting with strange and beautiful sights. See sheer-sided valleys cloaked in forest and strewn with earthquake debris. Admire alpine tarns, tumbling rivers and waterfalls. Take in vast panoramas from rocky tops. And all... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
After leaving it last week, I got the call to collect 'Rapid Rob' from 'The Bike Maintenance Shop'. It was riding fine when dropped off but again I expected brake pads and, perhaps,a new chain. The actual verdict was: Tune up (wheel true check, headset & bottom bracket, cones/bearings) Straighten bent derailleur hanger (I'd not noticed, was shifting fine!) and tune gears Replace Brake Pads Not bad considering it's an old (2014) bike, which has been (most of the way) to Mt Everest, and still on original everything apart from brake pads/disks and tyres. Even my Tibetan mudguard is still... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
I rode out to Huia to check out a recent road closure due to slips. It's a nice ride but quite a busy road in the weekend so Monday, even school holidays, was comparatively quiet. It's also quite a lumpy ride, no huge hills but plenty of ups and downs and a sting in the return ride tail (blue circled). This fellow welcomes you to Cornwallis, glad for the sign to flip the otherwise slightly ominous mood... It was a grey morning, but warm and improving. If nothing else the South Westerly would be some help on the parts of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
I do routine maintenance myself but before heading into the unknown wanted the bikes checked over. Both "Giro" & "Rapid" were riding ok but I don't have the tools for things like headsets, bottom brackets or mucking around with hydraulics. Nothing worse than being 'out there' and having a preventable 'technical' ruin your ride. Bike services are busy, the COVID lockdown bike boom, but 'The Bike Maintenance Shop' in Glendene were recommended. They're a dedicated service workshop specialising in both pedal bikes and BMW motorcycles, do non-contact service, and could fit them in. First up was Giro. I had damaged... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
Not a CAD/BIM project but a demonstration of how MindManager can be used to plan, schedule and track costs on a complex 'project'. Behind the map lurks comprehensive timeline created as you assign date, resource, relationships, and costs to topics. See this post for how it was created. MindManager Map View Gantt view of that Map Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2021 at RobiNZ CAD Blog
Adding an Insert>Anchor to images or captions is useful if you want to refer to an image from another post (or even place within the same post) using the PostURL#AnchorName link format
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Thinking about how to plan a summer which would involve multiple trips, lots of dates, heaps of information references, dependencies, and costs—all of which will change until completed—the solution was obvious. A travel map! I turned to my favourite 'need to plan some stuff, but don't know what' application: MindManager! In a single map I could brain-dump ideas, contacts, gather references, track media (like this post), look at timing and forecast/track budget. The topic parent/child structure of a map is superb for capturing all aspects of a trip. Extended Information Topic notes, signified by a note icon, can hold any... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
I have most of the gear I need, if not all I want, but will get a few things extra. My travels are going to be a mix of 4-12 day regional visits driving to a hub, then day or overnight cycles, returning home in between. Although some of the trails will require DOC hut stays I haven't planned on any camping as don't like it. Accommodation need not be luxurious unless you consider a proper bed and hot shower luxury. The other consideration is survival; particularly as some of the riding will be solo. The driving bits The drive... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
I was late to discover 'The Karioi Classic' and first did this brilliant gravel ride around Mt. Karioi and the Whaanga Coast (near Raglan) in 2017. I was quick to register for the July 2021 event—dubbed 'The Last Dance'—as it was the final time the event was being run. What I didn't realise at the time was the weekend would result in a life changing decision. Getting there I drove down on Friday afternoon as had taken it, and Monday, off to make a long weekend. A lovely day and zero traffic combined with some of my favourite roads—SH22 from... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2021 at RobiNZ Personal Blog
As a Surface Book 2 (SB2) owner I watched the launch of its replacement, the Surface Laptop Studio (SLS), this morning with some interest. Although the specification mostly impressed* the new form factor doesn't really appeal. It looses the iconic Surface Book hinge and ability to detach the display that is, for me, a great feature of the current design. Detaching the display means the SB2 loses access to its graphics card, left in the base with secondary battery, but becomes a light weight high powered large tablet as the i7 chip, integrated Intel Graphics and storage are all in... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2021 at RobiNZ CAD Blog