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A beautiful post and brilliant signposting of Sydney's performing arts secrets, Myriam. Thank you for doing this for our world-class performing artists. Best, Robin :)
Beautiful images and what a story. Wow! I've just had dinner, but now I'm hungry again. :) Thank you, Myriam. Robin :)
You are so right, Myriam - Sydney is a treasure trove of fab picnic spots. My favourites include Clontarf Reserve, Reef Beach and West Head. Best, Robin :)
That's an excellent post and important question, Myriam. My family heritage is such that cooking is taught in the home from an early age as it is such an integral part of the sharing, richness and tapestry of family life. Sure, build on it at school. Why not? Best to you, Robin :)
Wow, I would love to visit Belle Fleur. The chocolate sounds amazing. Well done, Myriam. Thank you for elegantly signposting this delectable find. Best, Robin :)
What a delicious story, Myriam! That said, I must confess that my tastes have changed ever so slightly regarding certain meats since acquiring a pet rabbit - so I found your menu slightly hare-raising!! ;) Best wishes, Robin :)
A beautifully presented and informative post! Congratulations. My favorite bread? That would be cash, right?! ;) Best wishes, Robin :)
Hi Helen, This is a great forum. Given the iPad is so new, would you recommend deferring purchase until the next version (with all the bugs ironed out)? Best, Robin :)
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Hey Myriam and all fellow lovers of the ultimate life... There are four more things you'll love about Myriam's deluxe artisan chocolate tours; 1) You'll laugh a lot. I haven't had so much fun in ages. It's a 'feel good' as well as an 'eat good' experience; 2) You'll share the experience with other lovers of wonderful living. Myriam just seems to attract fabulous people; 3) You'll hear Myriam describe tour highlights in French (if you ask her nicely). This adds another amazing dimension to the tour; 4) You'll be begging for more. This trip will reset your luxury experience gimbals. Once you've tried it, there's no going back. I hear there's an ultimate Paris experience coming up! :) Well done, Myriam. Best, Robin
Hi Whitney, thanks for this post. A couple of thoughts come to mind... a) I'm hearing that it might be more productive to work on our 'to be' list before tackling our 'to-do- list; b) What if we chose an identity that empowered our productivity? For example: who would I have to BE to become really productive? This can create different possibilities for those who have labelled themselves in disempowering ways e.g. 'I am a procrastinator.' 'I am lazy.' etc Best, Robin Twitter: Robin_Dickinson
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on An Antidote to Procrastination at dare to dream
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