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Eric, thanks for Your reply. What I think perhaps You are overlooking in the equation is the resurrection of Christ and what it implies: that Christ's promises are completely reliable. He promised Peter and his successors the "keys", and the power to "bind and loose" on earth and in heaven, and that means the Church is not just a human institution totally limited by human failings. Jesus designed His Church a certain way, and gave it the gifts necessary to preserve the truth needed for the salvation of souls.
MOperina, You wrote, "it sure seems that, given history, Popes are just as human and capable of sinning just like the rest of humanity. Just my opinion." That's not just opinion, that's Catholic teaching. The RCC does not teach that the Pope is unable to sin. He's a sinner like the rest of us, and like us has to struggle to follow Christ. What he has that the rest of us don't have, is the "keys to kingdom of heaven", which simply protects him from teaching erroneous doctrine. It doesn't give him special knowledge or special skills. He may or may not be a good administrator, a good teacher, or even a good Christian. But he has the unique gift of doctrinal infallibility, due to no merit of his own, and this is essential to the Church being able to preserve, interpret, and transmit the message of Christ. ZORN REPLY -- I've never understood how that works -- he is a man selected by other men (women of course need not apply) and so in all ways must be subject to the failings of man. But then, what difference does it make if I understand or not? As long as no one forces me to acknowledge this assertion as factual, I'm good.
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Apr 28, 2011