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Thanks again Scott for sharing this insight. I agree with your statement concerning the fact CXM isn't (or isn't yet) a real segment of the software industry but more a concept allowing to describe some 'stance' or attitude. Indeed, Forrester's concept is mainly stating the convergence that drives the vendors from multiple sectors (from CRM to SFA to BI to specialized solutions, etc.). However, I'd like to suggest that if CXM doesn't exist yet as an industry of integrated tools providers, it could probably emerge as a service industry. CXM (or whatever the name) consulting firms could and should soon emerge for it is today a real problem for customers to benefit from an horizontal and cross-departmental vision: if we want to resolve the Sales/Marketing alignment issue, CRM professionals have to discuss with SFA professionals, but that's just the beginning. They should also discuss with ERP professionals, all of them have to take into account the IT constraints, etc. In conclusion, as far as the CMT function is beginning to appear in the firms, consulting and service providers will need to emerge and bring the solutions those professionals are waiting for. That's my humble opinion and the bet my associate and I are making.
Tremendous work, Scott! Thanks a lot for sharing. I've been working on the same kind of key player mapping for +3months and regret not to have found yours before... I know well the amount of work and the difficulty of categorization behind this kind of diagram. Sincere congrats! Among different little details, may I suggest you some important missings? IMHO, you should add > Into the API square : RunMyProcess > SEO square : Yooda > Emailing : Emailvision ...
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Aug 4, 2011