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Robin Lee Hatcher
My blog has relocated to All of my posts have been migrated to my new blog, so please join me there.
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True. Total fan girl. And I probably run a close second to you with the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice mini-series. Sigh.
Oh, I thought it was only movies. If TV series are in there, then the first and second seasons of Downton would be up to ten already. Probably not the third and definitely not the fourth ... yet.
Kristin, I hate to admit to all of the movies I've seen ten or more times. My DVD collection is large. So here are some that I know I've seen at least ten. Ben Hur. Sense & Sensibility. Pride & Prejudice. Gone With the Wind. An Ideal Husband. The Ten Commandments. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Friendly Persuasion. Toy Story. Tangled (and just about ever animated Disney film). Casablanca. About a Boy. Anna and the King. Bride & Prejudice (a Ballywood update of P&P). Dances with Wolves. Dave. Dirty Dancing. Ever After. Fiddler on the Roof. Field of Dreams. The Help. Okay. I'd better stop. I really don't live in front of the TV, but it begins to sound that way.
It's not cheating. It's being a total Fan Girl. LOL! And believe me, I resisted the urge to reveal too much. Aren't you proud of me?
Agreed. She annoys me. (And I just see that I typed Season for instead of Season Four. Sheesh!)
Kristin, I love listening to Michael Crawford. I have several of his albums. But what a shock it was for me when I realized that the Phantom (stage) was also the geeky store clerk in Hello, Dolly! (movie) Robin
I'm reading The Book Thief now. Using Whispersync to go back and forth between reading on my Kindle and listening on my iPhone. I'm not a huge fan of all the subtitles the author uses, but I am enjoying the story. Loved the trailer! Robin
You're cool in my house, if that's any help. ;-)
LOL! Not the most watched on every TV set. Just on *my* TV. I have loved the early works they've shown recently of Eleanor Parker. Mostly I think of her from The Sound of Music, but she had some wonderful movies when she was so young that I'd never seen before. Loved "The Very Thought of You."
I would LOVE to do it with you, Kristin. TNT is my most watched channel.
He's a fine actor, so I'm hoping he can overcome this character in my mind. A character I really liked, BTW.
The problem for me is that Matthew Rhys will always be the gay brother/lawyer in Brothers & Sisters.
"Prints are for patios." That quote is one I heard in the 90's, and I've never forgotten it. And I have pictures of me in a few awnings, I think.
As detailed in an earlier post, I have relocated my four blogs (Write Thinking, Fact and Fiction, What's New in Christian Fiction, and Thanksgiving Journal) all into one blog on my web site. I'm doing this to make for a better reading experience. My web site is undergoing a makeover, but when it launches, I think readers will be really pleased with what they find. So if you are a follower of Write Thinking on Feedblitz (via email) or on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2013 at Write Thinking
Yea! After my post and tweet about the policy stated in their Help section, Typepad contacted me and said they do make exceptions to that rule. I'm happy to say that I received my refund and that my old blog archives have been downgraded to a free Microblog. That means I don't have much choice about how the blog looks, but I'm fine with that. I just want it for historical purposes and have no plans to post here in... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2013 at Write Thinking
Thanks, Bob. I am enjoying WordPress and look forward to my new website on that platform. The group blog I'm on is with Blogger. I can't say there is much difference between any of them, whether paid or free, at least in how the blogs operate. I hope you'll come over to and follow my blog there. I would miss seeing you. Robin
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So, I am doing a redesign of my web site and moving to a WordPress platform. One week before I made that decision, Typepad charged my credit card for a year's service in advance. Foolishly, I made an assumption that I would be refunded for the months not used. But now I read in the Help files that they don't refund. Period. What? What kind of customer service is that? I pay in advance and am penalized for it! I... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2013 at Write Thinking
After three years of posting my words of thanksgiving here in this thanksgiving blog, I have decided to relocate from the hosted service I now use and integrate my blog with my web site at If you currently subscribe to my Thanksgiving Journal, I hope you'll take a moment to visit (currently undergoing a redesign) and subscribe to get posts via email and/or subscribe to the RSS feed (to read in Google Reader, etc.). Check out the sidebar on my web site to find those links. Thank for spending time with me over the past three years. Hope... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2013 at Thanksgiving Journal
My web site is getting a total refresh. It'll be a month or two before it goes live, but I've already moved my blog (including all the archives from the past decade) to its new location. When the web site is finished, the blog will be more fully integrated into it for a better reading experience. If you enjoy Write Thinking and reading my miscellaneous musings, I hope you'll join me at I'll be closing down this blog in... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2013 at Write Thinking
Barbara, this has happened to lots of authors in this digital image age. A friend of mine had a book come out almost the same month as another book, both using the same image. Robin
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There is no doubt about it: Book covers matter. The right book cover can make someone in a bookstore or grocery store aisle pick up a book, check out the blurb and perhaps purchase it. The wrong cover can make someone reject it out of hand, whether seen in the store or online. Want an example of a book cover gone wrong? At left is a repackaging of Anne of Green Gables (three books in one). For anyone who has... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2013 at Write Thinking
Leslie, I figured it had to do with 2 day delivery. But still...
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15 miles!! Oh, that is funny, Myra.
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I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Downton Abbey Season 3 DVDs which I ordered last fall. I was notified that they shipped on Saturday, so I checked this morning on the status. And I had to shake my head at what I found. The DVDs were shipped out of Seattle. But instead of coming directly to Boise (505 miles from Seattle), they went first to Louisville, KY (2,439 miles from Seattle) and then will travel back to Boise... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2013 at Write Thinking
LOL! I think Trey boiled that down rather well. Still laughing