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Robin Mcmurray
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@Johnson1965Tony: I totally understand your point - and as I said before, I realize that we are in the minority. The main reason we are with Netflix is bc of the discs: we spent years living abroad and we LIKE being able to get older TV shows and movies; we also really like all of the British, Canadian and Australian shows; in addition, there are a lot of Anime movies and shows as well as documentaries and foreign films that we haven't been able to find through other services. I think that a year from now, dvd and hi-quality streaming will have sorted itself out a bit and hopefully that will mean that prices go down across the board. We will see...
I am glad that QuadraQ mentioned the discounts. My family is clearly in the minority: we don't have cable/satellite, so we only get a few over the air TV channels (major networks) - instead, we have NETFLIX streaming/8-dvd-a-month plan. Most of us don't mind watching TV that's a season old and are already paying a lot less than our neighbors who have basic cable. For us, the price of our plan is going DOWN, so we're psyched!! Our plan is currently $55.99 and will change to $51.98. Also, with the new higher limit on NETFLIX streaming devices (we already have about 14/15 devices and that will probably increase as we get Smartphones and Tablets in the future), we are really happy with NETFLIX in our home. The only change we might make would be to add HULU PLUS, so that some family members can have the current seasons of their favorite Network/Cable TV shows.
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Jul 13, 2011