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Thanks, Barbara Jo! In my client's experience, the mothers have been actively involved about 5% of the time, mostly in with clients who were cult-abused. Mothers were more likely to passively not protect the kids, or to be victims, too, in my experience. When the mothers believed the kids and took action to protect the kids, the clients were less broken and therapy was much easier. Robin
Paul, glad you liked it!
Judy, I completely agree. Psychiatrists rarely learn about trauma and dissociation and how to treat it. Many of my "bipolar" clients turned out to have complex early trauma. Clear the trauma, work the attachment issues, and poof! bipolar goes away. Some truly are genetically bipolar and need the meds. Thanks for writing.
How long is "very long"?
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Bad, It may be like when researchers discovered that ulcers were caused by a bacterium.
Secret Agent Girl, If you write it to a person who is incorporated, you dont have to do a 1099.
Thanks for setting me straight, psychotherapist-in-training. It was still a great review.
Bessel van der Kolk
Im sorry about your mom, and glad that you found the article helpful. Im 55 in a few days and mortality is more on my mind.
Thanks Wendy. Ill check them out.
Sebastian, A traumatized parent can absolutely transfer her anxiety, her sense of the world as dangerous, and other parts of her traumatized experience to her children.
Thomas, Thanks for your thoughtful post. It lifts my heart to read about your journey. (And by the way, your English is perfect.) Robin
Thanks, everyone, for your kind words.
I got it wrong. Since I last took the course, six years ago, it's changed. There are no more scripted protocols, because April now teaches how to connect with every younger age of the client. (This is more the way I work with most clients.)
Brenda, I agree completely. Robin
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I promise not to gloat about the new store room.
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Thanks, Lorie.
Its amazing to feel your brain changing during EMDR. Many people say they can feel the trauma fading away.
Ive noticed that. Misspelling courtesy of the iPhone.
Thanks, Im glad you like it!
Val, That means something, coming from you. R