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So, in other words -- PERFECT timing to raise prices and limit people to just streaming. Coincidence?? Somebody's making a statement, I think.
My issue has been that I can't get the streaming content to synch. The dialogue has been off for the past week or two, which makes EVERYTHING I watch unbearable because it distracts me from paying attention. (This is the same reason I could never stand 'dubbed in English' movies...I spend the entire time watching how well or badly the words match the lips or don't. Plus getting hiccups and freezes constantly.
Nope, not interesting in more Starz, especially if they can't upgrade their stuff to HD. Showtime, maybe, since I refuse to pay $10 more a month for it...if they charge $3 more max, perhaps.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on Would You Pay More for Starz? at Hacking NetFlix
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Dec 11, 2010