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After years of drought, craft beer is certainly on the ascendancy in Washington, DC. It was a bit of a rocky start, but with the advent of SAVOR, and major advocacy by beer lovers, DC is now a primary market for America's finest microbrews. But in terms of real local beer, we have kinda gotten short shrift. Sure, there are a number of brewpubs, and the small and plucky Shenendoah Brewery is still out there, but inside the Beltway, that's about all she wrote. Soon, that will all change, with the approach of Chocolate City Beer and DC Brau, both... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at Maryland Foodies
Waiting in line for my Gingerbread Latte the other day, I heard the delightful strains of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" wafting through the air. I absolutely loath this song, and started muttering to myself, in true crackpot fashion, "God isn't it too early for this crap?" It dawned on me pretty quickly, that no, it ain't. Merry frickin' Christmas, everyone! "The Holidays" is here! Amongst all the stress of shopping, abhorrent music, family-driven guilt, and special, Holiday-themed television shows ("Join us as The Situation and JWoww learn the true meaning of Hanukkah..."), there do shine some bright lights... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2010 at Maryland Foodies
This just in: The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington has just announced that DC Restaurant Week Summer 2010 is set for the week of August 16th to the 22nd! In January, almost 180 eateries in the DC area took part in the year's first Restaurant Week, and this one looks to be the biggest yet, with just under 200 participants! Last season's terms will still apply: Participating restaurants will feature a prix-fixe, three-course meal (tax and tip excluded) for $20.10 at lunchtime, and $35.10 for dinner. With so many places to choose from, and only so many reservations to go... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2010 at Maryland Foodies
Actually, Chris, I did have a really good time. The components of the experience need to be weighted, with the beer floor being the heaviest. Yeah, the salon was a rough pick, and then... the food... but it was still a blast.
Got the JW like 2 years ago at Half Time in my hometown, Poughkeepsie NY. Check 'em out on Beer Advocate; seriously, one of the biggest beer stores I have ever seen. Always hope to find something interesting when I go visit the parents.
Last time I visited, Kevin, it was on a Sunday, and he was parked at the Barton Street location. When I asked when he worked, Jesus did say everyday, so you should be able to find him at one location or the other on weekends. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy!
Ummm... NO! I totally did that on purpose! For, like, irony... yeah. Ack, how embarrassing. Now fixed. Thanks Arnold, and sorry to any Worcesterianites out there.
Last year, around about this time, I extolled the virtues of a hero. Born in the mystic land of Kalamazoo, forged with grain and honey, and tempered to a fine hoppy edge, this hero came each year at Winter's height, and banished the Demon Cold with balance and grace, and brought great cheer to the peoples. This hero's name was Hopslam. And yea, there was great rejoicing, and more than a little revelry, until he again he disappeared, only to return when he was most needed. Well, he hath returned friends, to beat back the storm and cold... but lo!... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2010 at Maryland Foodies
Wow, hello Mr. Molesworth! Thank you for reading and participating; wouldn't have expected to be on your radar. Again, thank you, but I fear you may have misunderstood me, and I thought I might take a moment to more thoroughly explain my position. I totally appreciate the idea of a wine's shelf life -- of COURSE wines change, and that is the fun of it. And knowing when a wine is expected to 'peak' is one of the most important things the consumer can know. I applaud you and your contemporaries for providing that info, and thank you as well for your thorough and consistently helpful tasting notes. While I was being facetious when I called your magazine a 'rag,' as it is obviously well regarded, I was not being so when I asked rhetorically about the declination of score over time. When one embarks to score wines on a precise 50 point scale, I would think that he would consider that a wine might change enough in character to merit a shift of a point or two after a mere couple of months, and maybe even more over several years. When the difference between an 89 and a 90 can mean all the difference to a certain set of consumers, is this not a valid concern? When you say that you rate a wine based on "its peak," and give a four year range in your notes, are we to understand that that wine will remain unchanged throughout that period? I was not saying that having an 'expiration date' muddies the water of the score, but visa-versa. Whereas having a critic's educated opinion as to when a wine will start to decline is great, I feel that the 100 pt system confuses the matter. Assigning such a specific, concrete number to a product that is in constant flux just strikes me as ludicrous, and more than a little counterproductive to the practice of choosing the proper wine for an occasion. With tasting notes, it is easy to take into consideration the workings of time, and often certain characteristics will remain after years in bottle -- notes are a record of impressions, and their fluidity is accepted as writ. When it comes to scores, the mind (particularly the stat-happy American mind) is not trained that way: Scores are solid, stable, and generally accepted as more important than words. Whereas those traits are well-deserved and accurate in many fields, they simply do not translate to a discussion of wine, which unfortunately leads to misunderstanding, and sometimes, abuse. But I am sure you hear from cranks like me all the time, so I will not bother you further. Thank you again for the vital service you provide. I hope that I have cleared up any misunderstanding on your part, and beg your pardon if I have caused any further offense. Rob
Oooo... one dissenter already. Fair enough! Anyone else?