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If all the stuff you're accusing him of was evident in that interview, he WOULD be an asshole. But I don't see any resemblance between what he's saying and the strawman you're portraying. Like many liberals, you assume that conservatives are generally opportunists who say whatever the hell they need to in order to get make money or get elected (or, in Mamet's case, to entertain himself). You think (for example) that he couldn't possibly believe that black people would be better off without so much government intervention, and then you wrack your brain trying to imagine why he would say something so ridiculous and obviously untrue. Maybe, you think, deep down he's really a good guy (i.e. a liberal), but he's acting like such a conservative! It doesn't compute! Here's a possibility: Maybe he IS a conservative. Maybe he's not doing this to piss people off. Maybe he's just talking about his actual beliefs about government, regardless of how people will take it. I didn't see the part of the interview where he talked about not wanting to give any money to his own kid, or the part where he thinks he owes none of his success to actors, directors, technicians, etc. Either that stuff was edited out of what I read or you're just making it up. It seems like you heard a few conservative catchwords and then constructed this artificial Scrooge persona for him. Then you spend 2 pages tearing down your made-up persona, all the while protesting that maybe you're wrong, but he sure seems like an asshole to me from the 12 sentences he spoke in an interview I read. Anyway, as I said on Twitter, your post is well-written and argued, but in the end it seems like mostly bunk to me.
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Jun 14, 2011